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I know they’re potentially deadly but I’m a bit in love with these:

The combination of a black suede Mary Jane with the added bonus of a platform sole and, my favourite, a wooden heel make me certain that these are the shoes that I need for the 4 weddings that I’m going to this summer.

I’m not usually a sling back fan (I can’t really figure them out, too much movement at the back of the heel… feels a bit a bungee-ish for my liking…) but I’ve tried these on already and the Mary Jane strap stops them feeling like they might slip off. Can’t guarantee that they’ll stop me falling off however…  but the 4 1/2 inch heel will make me almost 5 ft 10 (God I wish I was tall) while the 1 inch platform will stop me from trying to amputate my own legs before the first dance.


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Worship my superior cake-y knowledge!!

Apparently Drink, Shop & Do think my opinion matters. Now to convince everyone else of the same thing.

World domination will be mine!

I like cake. Cake likes me. I love Drink, Shop & Do and they don’t mind that either.  That’s nice isn’t it?



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