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Holy moly…

… wedding rings!


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Ruby’s Bar

It’s not like I don’t already live within hopping distance to a ton of pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants… but I can’t complain when another bar opens up.

Especially when the new bar in question serves the best Blueberry Mojito in town.

And located only 5 minutes walk from Threesmallapples HQ (in flats)… I might have to cut up my debit card.

Ruby’s Bar, 76 Stoke Newington Road, N16.

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As weird as it may be, I really love IKEA. I love the feeling of irrational optimism that you get in IKEA, that feeling that tells you that “this new flat (because you only go to IKEA when you’re moving into a new flat) is going to be awesome. I love the cream sauce that’s served with meatballs. I love stocking up with a million tea lights and candles before hitting the till.

But… as with all things that are a bit hyped up, the reality never quite lives up to your expectations. The new flat is never quite as much fun as you think it’s going to be (although this is obviously in the days when I lived with flatmates… life at Threesmallapples HQ with soon-to-be Mr Threesmallapples as well as twosmallcats is totally awesome), they’ve started serving gravy instead of cream sauce with the meatballs, and I really don’t need any more tea lights or candles.

This chair is one of the many hyped up IKEA ideas that has been haunting me since I purchased it (and 3 identical chair friends… so that’s 4 times the haunting in total).  The brilliant, ridiculously easy, “would be totally idiotic not to” idea was to buy the chairs in the cheapest, most boring fabric on offer and then re-cover them myself with nothing more than a simple staple gun!

A year later, and the idea has obviously fallen apart, not because I don’t have a staple gun (I have 2) but because trying to find a fabric that 2 fabric buying members of Threesmallapples HQ like (the cats don’t get a say) is harder than leaving IKEA without 3 bags of vanilla tea lights.

Three rejected choices so far:

He hated it.

I hated it.

We hated it.

But look!! we both like this one… AMAZI.. oh wait a minute, its £70 a metre…

The search continues.

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Feline fine…

(groan, sorry!!)

Where’s the best place to take a cocktail-loving, kitten-obssessed girl for her birthday? The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town of course!

Hidden beneath The Breakfast Club, a stone’s throw (if you know where you’re going…you don’t want to get lost around here, it’s Jack the Ripper territory!) from Liverpool Street Station, this tiny cocktail bar is found down a secret passage behind a Smeg Fridge…  So far, so good. Once through the fridge, and down some treacherous stairs (maybe it was my heels that were treacherous… but who wears flats on their birthday?!) we found ourselves in a dimly light basement bar, filled with polished wood, high tables, kitschy decor and friendly staff.

On the table sat the cocktail menu, found on a scroll of paper, tucked into an empty ‘cat food’ tin (not suitable for cool cats or fat cats) and was a simple list of around 20 cocktails, separated into classics and specials. Small but perfectly formed.

A bit of happy sampling took place, and the results?

My Alpine Fizz was the perfect blend of gin, elderflower liqueur and champagne, fruity, fizzy and subtle, whereas the tongue-twistingly named Ian Kane’s Yang Tao Smash managed to be sweet, sour, minty and refreshing in one go.  The Pear and Cardamon Sidecar was to die for, and the Tom Collins? Well I think that might have to be my new ‘must drink, will drink’ drink (and not just because Midori drank it in Norwegian Wood… although that does makes me love it that tiny bit more).

With its cat paraphernalia, its fake bathroom exit (don’t leave through the Smeg or you’re in trouble) and it’s Shoreditch location, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town might sounds a bit too cool for school but it’s not. It’s lovely. You should go.

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If I can’t have these:

Miu Miu Gold glitter and black calf skin

Miu Miu (Swoon!)

Or these:

Pink and Gold miu miu shoe boots

Miu Miu (Need!!)

Can I have these?

Topshop gold and black glitter, like Miu Miu

Topshop £55

AND these?

Pink and silver glitter and leather miu miu

River Island £55

No? Eurgh, not fair… especially since Diane Kruger loves hers so much that she can’t keep her eyes open.

Pah! Who needs to open their eyes when they’ve got Miu Miu?

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Silly old me. This weekend, I finally got round to visiting a bar that I’ve been gagging to go to for yonks, but because I was positively light headed with hysteria (not because of the bar… I might be a Scot, but even I don’t get that excited over alcohol!) I forgot to take any pictures.  Bah!

So instead of a bar review, here is something else that might tickle your fancy:

Martha, Etsy, Crochette


Approx £27 from Etsy.

So cute that even Jeff Goldblum couldn’t complain.

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Get the f**k out of bed…!

The sales have started…

Ochre floral printed dress from Oasis

Was £55, now £38

Pins&Needles red floral ruffle dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £2o

Embellished shift dress from Topshop

Was £165 now £80

Sparkle & Fade button though dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £25

Metallic shift dress from River Island

Was £28 now £15

Spotted pleated skater dress from Oasis.

Was £60 now £35

Gotta run… be right back!

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