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Extended absence

Home improvements forced me to take a bit of a blogging break, but Having Builders In turned into Christmas, which turned into New Year, which turned into DIY (EVERYTHING turns into DIY). Time really does fly.

Talking of time flying, a year ago today, I went on the easiest wedding dress shopping trip ever!  The first dress turned out to be THE dress:

Fur Coat No Knickers

It might not look it, but it really was.  But just to make sure, I did try on a few others…

Fur Coat No Knickers

Fur Coat No Knickers

The little 60’s bubble dress was a bit of a favourite.

Jacq was on hand (with glass in hand) to give some helpful advice.

Fur Coat No Knickers

Not loving frills so much…

Fur Coat No Knickers

A bit of pinning convinced me that this was the one.

And a little nip and tuck ensured it was perfect.

**apologies for the quality of the pictures, Louise was a bit too excited to focus the camera**

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Another wedding related post, sorry! I’ll have something new to talk about soon… but in the meantime:

Here’s my wedding ring!

It’s a tiny 2mm band, handmade by the team at the un-wedding-y named Rust.

As my engagement ring doesn’t have a straight shape, finding a ring to fit around it was going to be that bit trickier, so I decided not to bother.  Instead, I wanted a super thin band that would sit on the same finger without clashing with the engagement ring.   I also wanted something that wouldn’t look dull or plain on its own.  The carved selection at Rust was perfect.  Delicate enough to suit the setting on the E.R but detailed enough to hold its own.

Feels quite grown up to be wearing 2 rings on one finger… but I guess I have to grow up (slightly) sometime.

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Getting married is quite fun:

What a jolly good day.

All photos by Rachel “Countessian” Carr, and Alexander Newton.

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My wedding in a nutshell…

Just back from a teeny-weeny mini moon (I stole that word from Zoe…!) in Amsterdam, and now bracing myself to try and sort out the mountains of wedding props and paraphernalia currently sitting in my flat… a few more wedding pics/details to follow!


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Little bit quiet on the blog front recently, thanks to impending wedding and all the last-minute craziness that goes along with it…

Here’s a little photo from months ago, when I was stressing about the invites going out late. Not sure why I was surprised as most of the things done in the Threesmallapples household are usually done in a rush and behind schedule…

Little note to self: Don’t be late on Saturday!

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What do you get if you mix a day with your closest girlfriends, a very sunny weekend and a lot of alcohol? Hen-idorm, of course!

And the best way to recover from a hen party conducted in 30 degree heat?

A bottle of  wine shared with friends, while sat at “the usual spot” under a Hawthorn tree in Primrose hill… x

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More is more

Was it Coco Chanel who said “Less is more”? I wonder what she’d think about an above the knuckle ring from Wired Jewellery.

Make a wish...

Sterling silver wishbone £10

Perhaps she’d think it was one accessory too many… but then I’d imagine she’d reconsider when she saw just how delicate and pretty they were…

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Homework, exams, PE (PE!! Whose idea was that?!), those are a few reasons that I’m glad I’m not still at school. But the 6 week summer holiday? I’d happily take that back. Even if I did spend many a summer holiday waiting for it to stop raining (you don’t get summer in Scotland. You get Raining and Not Raining).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could still get 6 weeks off once you’d left school?  Yes, yes it would.

Well unfortunately you can’t, but the 9 days I’ve got off between after my old job and starting my next is pretty damn exciting. In fact, it’ll probably feel better than school holidays, because I won’t have spent my pittance pocket money on Hubba Bubba and will be able to afford to entertain myself.

But what to do?! The longest, uninterrupted time off I’ve had recently was Christmas, and what with panicked, last minute Christmas shopping, pickling livers, visiting family and constant eating, it didn’t leave much time to relax.

With 9 full days off in London, I want to make sure I use my time wisely, so I made a list:

** Get my hair done: it’s time for my yearly hair cut (my hair cut routine usually goes as follows: get bored of hair so cut it short(er). Hate short(er hair) so grow hair.) and this time I’m getting a Brazilian Blow Dry! Shinier, smoother, easier to manage hair? Might just die of excitement.

** Replant dead window box: someone needs to encourage the bees in London!

**Play with(or bother) kittens: I don’t want to do this, but it just can’t help myself. I fear I’m going to lose 90% of my time off with this.

Kittens, Celia Hammond

Kittens, Celia Hammond

Har Gao is such an attention seeker that she’ll roll over at the first sign of a tickle.

Celia Hammond, Kittens

Siu Mai won’t.

**Wedding planning: Erm… it’s less than 6 months away. Sh*t.

**Update wardrobe: It’s time for a serious overhaul. These are some things have already been added :

Eva by Topshop £32

Little floral Tee from Oasis. £20 reduced from £38 (who pays £38 for a t shirt?! Hello?)

Such a bargain that I bought both colours.

A summery little number from H&M, which has the added bonus of not weighing a ton even when filled with crap. £15.

And don’t get my started with that bloody My So Called Life box set that I bought impulsively on Amazon a year ago. I don’t think I’m ever going to have time for that.

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February, it’s dark, it’s depressing and it’s the month of my birth.

Still, it’s not all bad… because I get presents:

What a cutie.

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Thanks for my tax rebate. I’ll put it to good use:

Topshop Jeeves 2

Topshop £65

Oasis £40

River Island £40

Tatty Devine £33

Dahlia £62

Love Three Small Apples


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