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Last week’s civilised dinner party turned into a rather drunken affair, with 6 bottles of wine being consumed by 6 diners… Not quite sure how I felt so clear-headed the next day… it might have been down to Olly’s slow cooked rabbit with cream and tarragon (not a very helpful menu choice when I’m trying to be a bit more veggie, but very tasty!), or perhaps my slightly crumpled looking pear Tarte Tatin?

Unfortunately, no pictures exist of either dish (damn wine!) but luckily my roses, a gift for the hostess, lasted a bit longer than the food.

They definitely made the washing up much less painful!


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Getting married is quite fun:

What a jolly good day.

All photos by Rachel “Countessian” Carr, and Alexander Newton.

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My wedding in a nutshell…

Just back from a teeny-weeny mini moon (I stole that word from Zoe…!) in Amsterdam, and now bracing myself to try and sort out the mountains of wedding props and paraphernalia currently sitting in my flat… a few more wedding pics/details to follow!


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What do you get if you mix a day with your closest girlfriends, a very sunny weekend and a lot of alcohol? Hen-idorm, of course!

And the best way to recover from a hen party conducted in 30 degree heat?

A bottle of  wine shared with friends, while sat at “the usual spot” under a Hawthorn tree in Primrose hill… x

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Now, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of a tan.  I can’t think of anything worse than having a patchy colour, peeling bits, looking ashen with face powder… and don’t get me started on tan lines. Eurgh!!!

So when it comes to ideas for a honeymoon, quite a few of the traditional ones have been knocked off the list. A week on a beach somewhere would surely be beautiful and relaxing, but there is only so much lounging on a beach you can do when you’re constantly dragging your sun lounger around trying to stay under an umbrella.

Instead, we’ve had a couple of other ideas, and one of the favourites? Japan next spring in time for cherry blossom season.  The sight of cherry blossoms on the trees after a long winter is always a treat as well as a reminder that spring is on the way (or perhaps not this year, considering they were in bloom after a mild January, and there’s been barely a hint of summer so far) so added to some striking Japanese temples, a Tokyo culture shock, and wall to wall Hello Kitty, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the once in a lifetime holiday of my dreams!

The only problem? I’ve got to wait until 6 months after the ‘big day’ before we can go on the big trip…

I’ll have to make do with the prettiest bath and shower gel (EVER) in the meantime.

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel (a late birthday present from H. Who doesn’t love a late birthday present? It’s like a present for no reason!)

It’s almost too gorgeous to use!

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… a birthday gift from someone who knows me too well…

Oh dear…

If it wasn’t for the fringe, I’d think I was looking in a mirror!

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Perfect when you’re thirsty, perfect for dunking biscuits and perfect for cold hands, tea does it all. I’ve got so many teas at Three Small Apples HQ that not only do I have a shelf for them, but it takes me ages to answer the seemingly simple question “Cup of tea?”. Oolong? Earl Grey? White Tea with rose buds? It’s not a decision to take lightly.


These gorgeous floral mugs from Anthropologie are almost a bit too pretty to be stored away in the mug cupboard… but they are going to make for the prettiest (and girliest) cup of builder’s tea.

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