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…you can’t really argue with religion can you?…

The oneluckywinner of the first ever threesmallapples giveaway is JoannabuddhaPowrie.

The giveaway goodies are on their way over to you now.

Tell Buddha I said Hi.

(Ps.  Sorry this is so late… food poisoning!)


Winning answer:

1) I am going to China and Korea next month where the main religion is Buddhism…therefore they worship Buddha…and the bag is named Buda…

2) The scarf matches perfectly a dress I recently bought…

3) The tights are Jonathan Aston, and I have not one, but two cousins called Jonathan…

Coincidence?! I think not! Me for winner! xx

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Noa Noa. It’s Polynesian for “harmony and simplicity” apparently. Or “fragrant, fragrant” depending on which website you’re on..

For me, it means a pale palate, whimsically feminine designs and delicate accessories.

For you, it means a giveaway…woop!


No 1:

Buda bag.

A satin, Marine-blue, frame bag, with diamante detail clasp, Rose-pink lining and an interior pocket.

The strap is removable, turning the bag into a clutch.



H: 20cm.

No 2:

Laelia scarf.

White lace scarf, with ivory floral embroidiery detail and trim.

Length: 120cm

No 3:

Ice blue, tights with pattern detail by Jonathan Aston.

Size: medium


So, fancy winning threefabgoodies?  Just leave onesmallcomment on threesmallapples. It’s as simple as that.

The winner will be picked on Monday.

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