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Homely comforts…

Or not.

Having a few renovations done at Threesmallapples HQ so please excuse me if I disappear for the next couple of weeks. I’m trying to fight a cloud of dust and cope with the fact that everything I own is currently squeezed into the bedroom.

Also, packing takes a little longer when you’ve got (laser) cats…

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After thinking about it for yonks and talking about it even more, I finally got around to re-covering my boring old IKEA Börje chairs.

And with an electronic staple gun, it was surprisingly easy!

In fact, the hardest thing was picking the fabric.  After quite a bit of tedious searching, me and Mr ThreeSmallApples managed to agree on Paradis by Bantie.

Swedish fabric for Swedish chairs? How obvious, why didn’t we think of it sooner?

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After almost 2 years in Threesmallapples HQ, the unbelievable has finally happened! No, the cds haven’t been unpacked from their dusty boxes (or Music Magpie-d. Average price paid for my shockingly bad cds? 30p. Still, it all adds up…) nor have we changed the dead lightbulbs in the hall.  Instead, the ‘Holding Pen’ has stopped being a holding pen and has actually become… a dining room!

No more trays on laps or boxes of unpacked rubbish (the cds are under the bed), nosireeee.  Instead, we’ve got a proper dining area to entertain guests and fight off scavenging kittens. Result!

Now, I still haven’t managed to re-cover the dining room chairs (now that I’ve finally found a fabric, Mr Threesmallapples wants to buy new chairs…(!)), but I have managed (ok, I helped. Slightly) to open up the dining room but getting rid of a couple of oversized and underused black IKEA shelves and replacing them with wall mounted box shelves.

Hurrah! Small progress but progress nonetheless.

And one day soon, I might actually get the chairs done!

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As weird as it may be, I really love IKEA. I love the feeling of irrational optimism that you get in IKEA, that feeling that tells you that “this new flat (because you only go to IKEA when you’re moving into a new flat) is going to be awesome. I love the cream sauce that’s served with meatballs. I love stocking up with a million tea lights and candles before hitting the till.

But… as with all things that are a bit hyped up, the reality never quite lives up to your expectations. The new flat is never quite as much fun as you think it’s going to be (although this is obviously in the days when I lived with flatmates… life at Threesmallapples HQ with soon-to-be Mr Threesmallapples as well as twosmallcats is totally awesome), they’ve started serving gravy instead of cream sauce with the meatballs, and I really don’t need any more tea lights or candles.

This chair is one of the many hyped up IKEA ideas that has been haunting me since I purchased it (and 3 identical chair friends… so that’s 4 times the haunting in total).  The brilliant, ridiculously easy, “would be totally idiotic not to” idea was to buy the chairs in the cheapest, most boring fabric on offer and then re-cover them myself with nothing more than a simple staple gun!

A year later, and the idea has obviously fallen apart, not because I don’t have a staple gun (I have 2) but because trying to find a fabric that 2 fabric buying members of Threesmallapples HQ like (the cats don’t get a say) is harder than leaving IKEA without 3 bags of vanilla tea lights.

Three rejected choices so far:

He hated it.

I hated it.

We hated it.

But look!! we both like this one… AMAZI.. oh wait a minute, its £70 a metre…

The search continues.

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Uh-oh… the weather isn’t looking good for Christmas!!

It’s not that I want snow (a white Christmas isn’t as much fun as you think it’s going to be when they close the Forth Bridges and you find yourself stuck in Fife for 3 days solid…!!) but can it just not rain? I have enough problems trying work out a hairdo ft. bobble hat without having to factor in frizz.

Oh, and I don’t want soggy presents either…

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