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That’s “food” in Japanese.

And if you were thinking that Japanese food is all sushi and miso? You’d be wrong.

Japanese food

I admit that I’ll eat most things, but I won’t eat that…

Matcha kitkat

Snacking on the Shinkasen…  Matcha Kit Kat bites and Kirin, in a limited edition Sakura can.

The tastiest grilled chicken ever.

Wasp larvae. And yes, I ate them all.

The gyoza at Anzucco was worth the 45 minutes spent in the pouring rain, trying to find the restaurant.

Red Snapper. It’s a pretty big fish.

Sesame Whitebait. They’re pretty wee fish. And they were for breakfast!

The most kawaii buns in the world!


The end of our last drinks in Japan… 愛

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I’ve not been the best at blogging this year. A mixture of work, cats, DIY (it’s always bloody DIY) and life has gotten in the way.

Today’s tasks included redoing the window box for spring, planting a mint and baking scones… I can’t pretend that it’s a tough life, because it’s really not. And one of the very recent things that had me counting blessings and dwelling very loudly about how lucky I am, is my recent (very recent. In fact so recent that I still have holiday blues (I know I’m talking about feeling lucky, but I change my mind quite a lot)) honeymoon in Japan.

Two weeks, 3 cities, 1 village, 4 geishas, countless temples, 1 chance of being eaten by bears… it was a whirlwind of a trip and I’ve got a few too many pictures to prove it.

One of my favourite photographic subject? Cherry blossoms. Planning my honeymoon to coincide with Cherry Blossom season meant that I was destined to take at least a couple (!) of pictures of the little things.

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

And I was in good company.

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami
Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

After all, where better to photograph a cherry blossom, but in Japan!

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