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I’ve not been the best at blogging this year. A mixture of work, cats, DIY (it’s always bloody DIY) and life has gotten in the way.

Today’s tasks included redoing the window box for spring, planting a mint and baking scones… I can’t pretend that it’s a tough life, because it’s really not. And one of the very recent things that had me counting blessings and dwelling very loudly about how lucky I am, is my recent (very recent. In fact so recent that I still have holiday blues (I know I’m talking about feeling lucky, but I change my mind quite a lot)) honeymoon in Japan.

Two weeks, 3 cities, 1 village, 4 geishas, countless temples, 1 chance of being eaten by bears… it was a whirlwind of a trip and I’ve got a few too many pictures to prove it.

One of my favourite photographic subject? Cherry blossoms. Planning my honeymoon to coincide with Cherry Blossom season meant that I was destined to take at least a couple (!) of pictures of the little things.

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

And I was in good company.

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami
Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

Cherry blossom, Sakura, Hanami

After all, where better to photograph a cherry blossom, but in Japan!

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My wedding in a nutshell…

Just back from a teeny-weeny mini moon (I stole that word from Zoe…!) in Amsterdam, and now bracing myself to try and sort out the mountains of wedding props and paraphernalia currently sitting in my flat… a few more wedding pics/details to follow!


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Lil’ holiday

There is nothing like putting the entire contents of your suitcase into the laundry basket to give you the holiday blues. Add to that a blocked ear and a suntan (bah! I swear I barely ventured out of the shade!) and it’s a good thing that I’ve got Jurassic Park on dvd.

But a week spent eating, drinking, swimming (…well trying to get better at swimming. On the plus side, I learned how to do a bomb!) and sightseeing in Croatia is well worth a bit of laundry. In fact, it was so lovely that it might even be worth the tan!

Cave Baredine

Who doesn’t like to spend a hot day in a cave 132 meters below the ground?

Just make sure you get out before the turn the lights out!

A slightly sunnier day out in Rovinj!

The view from the courtyard of St Euphemia’s Basilica

As well as dinosaur footprints, another thing that the guide-book thought would be worth mentioning about Karmenjak are Black Widow spiders…!! I managed not to see either of these things ( 😦 about the dinoprint, 🙂 about the spiders!), but how good is this tree?

It grows pink fluff instead of flowers. It’s so my kind of tree.

And now it’s back to normality, work, cat bothering (I thought cats were meant to fall out with you when you go on holiday? Har Gao is a bigger attention seeker than ever before!) and wedding planning for the next couple of months… Eek!

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… um… in a weeks time.

Having a holiday at the very end of Summer (Summer?! When?) is good in theory as you can have one last chance to ward off the rickets with a little vitamin D injection before the long, cold winter sets in.

What’s not so good is not having the time/money/inclination (or all 3) to do any holiday shopping until the day before you jet off (and when I say “the day before” I have to leave my flat at 4am tomorrow, so it’s really the same day) and all the shops are filled with knits, dresses and COATS for autumn.  Whoopsie!

Oh and if anyone knows where I can find a cheap, small, blue striped suit (bit of fancy dress fun) in the Central London area in the next couple of hours, shout!!

But enough whinging (there can never be too much whinging!), this is what I’ve got to look forward to: 

Salinas beach, Ibiza, Ibiza Old Town, Evisa, San Jose

The sea!!!  

Ibiza, sun, sun umbrella, parasol, bach umbrella, blue umbrella

Sunshine so bright and hot that I have to block it out!! (Yup, never happy!!) 

Bambuddha Grove, ibiza

Pretty restaurants…


Chilling with chums!!

Definitely a little incentive to get myself through a panicked after-work shopping trip!

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And finally:


Korean Tea at Kims Mini Meals.


Jewellery delights.


Weirdness at the Camera Obscura


Camera Obscura - Head On A Plate

The End.

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The Bru.


Edinburgh Castle


Sunshine! (For about 10 minutes).








More cows.



Loch Ness monster (hat)


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Has consisted of:

Reading material.




Travelling companion.




Rain (of course!).




Scottish street names.


Dinner @ The Dogs.




Nom nom woof nom.


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Fifteen degrees centigrade and 60 percent chance of shattered showers? Summer time in Edinburgh of course! No wonder I moved to London.

But despite the rain, I’m off home for 5 days for some Edinburgh festival fun and I can’t wait! New comedy, theatre and art, not to mention drinks with friends, Chippy sauce and my beloved Tigerlily… a bit of rain isn’t going to spoil that!

But I do have a bit of a dilemma… What to pack!! Unfortunately Olly is leaving 2 days before me (there’s only so much of that ‘the taste of beef crisps smell‘ he can take) which means separate luggage bags and no hope of hired (but unpaid) muscle to help me get up the Waverly Steps.  Packing for a little trip home might sound easy peasy, but when it’s Edinburgh, it’s really not.

I’m going to need:

Shoes that are comfortable enough to walk in for most of the day, but attractive enough to wear for dinner and drinks. Oh and can cope with cobbles. Negative.

Some kind of lightweight knitwear that is both small enough to stash in a bag during a sudden and short-lived burst of sunshine but warm enough to be of some use when I suddenly find myself in a wind tunnel or get caught in gust of coastal wind. Negative.

Proof that the sun does exist in Scotland

A jacket that is smart but informal, warm but not too warm (it is August), cute but not so cute that Jacq has bought it too. Negative.

A selection of dresses that will take me from an early breakfast, to a lunch time theatre show, to a walking tour in the Auld Toun, to drinks on the Forth Floor (I wonder if the Three Small Apples is making a festival appearance?) to dinner somewhere cosy, to (more) drinks in the outdoor Spiegeltent, to a late night stand up show (Not to self: don’t sit too near the front…!!) and finally, to the night bus home.  Negative.

Three x Three Small Apples

So I guess I’ll do what I always do which is pack a range of slightly too summery dresses that won’t provide any warmth and blow up with I least expect it, to be paired with a trusty cardigan, an impractically pocket-less denim jacket, shoes will last most of the day but might make me cranky later on in the evening…and my huge, can’t-live-without-it scarf.

Dress + Cardigan + Scarf = prepared for Scotland.

Oh, and an umbrella. Perfect!

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(This post has nothing to do with Maw Broon. Or Paw Broon. Or Hen Broon. Or any of the others. Including the Bairn).


I hate to say it but I appear to be totally addicted to Geordie Shore!

Maybe it’s because I grew up not too far from Newcastle (ok, Edinburgh is quite far from Newcastle…) so I feel an affinity?

But despite a love for Tweedy, PJ, paint balling (joke. I’d never go paint balling… Too scared of getting PJ-ed, obviously) and hair backcombing, the thing I don’t get (no, not the accent, I totally understand it. And they subtitle the incomprehensible parts on MTV anyway) is the tan. I can get on board with false eyelashes, lots of eyeliner and painted nails, but I’ve never been a tan fan. I prefer the pale and interesting look, even if I’m the only one who finds it interesting.

And despite having a pale olive skin tone, I love a bit of Factor 50 on holiday. But even with the Factor 50 and sheltering in the shade, I still burn every year. What’s with that?! Maybe it’s because of the distinct lack of sunshine growing up in Scotland?

Last year, I was kept awake in a haunted house (not that any ghosts were actually spotted… but that didn’t matter. I spent the whole holiday ter-rif-ied ) trying not to scratch the sunburn. Or go to the toilet. Or open my eyes. Incase. I. Saw. The. Ghost.

Not this year. This year, I’m packing a hat, a stack of maxi’s and this little beauty: 

 £21.95 from Amazon

No sun burn for me. And hopefully no ghosts either, but I’m not sure a parasol will help if there are.

Now, let’s hope it turns up in time for Monday. Or else.

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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not making the most of/being sucked into the idea of mega romance on Valentines day… and since I’m typing this, neither am I.

I’m not that bothered about chocolate (must not eat chocolate… must not eat chocolate…), flowers (carrying my birthday flowers home from work really did make me feel a bit wootzy) or champagne (Ok, that last statement is false) but I hate that I’m missing this:


Yes ok, perhaps a bit of a Valentine’s cheese fest, but any excuse to stay in Tigerlily. Literally. Any. Excuse.

No trip home is complete (or any good) without it!

Can I please have cloud lights at home?

Pink carpeted spiral steps and a glitter ball? Yup, I’ll have ’em.

I’m such an afternoon tea fiend…

But who doesn’t love tiny cakes?  They’re so wee that they can’t be bad for you.

The strawberries count as 1 of my 5 a day.  That’s my defence and I’m sticking to it.

The bar is so pretty that I can barely concentrate on the drinks menu!

Not quite sure what the fuzzy pink flowers are but it sets off the colour of wine perfectly… it’s all about the finishing touches.

And if the eye candy isn’t enough, they do an amazing breakfast!

You really need to go! Go Now!


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