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Brighter weather calls for brighter nails.

And inspired by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, I thought I’d jazz up a mani in a subtle way. I’ve tried crackle polish, two-tone manicures and nail art pens, this time I opted for a sprinkling of glitter.

It’s so subtle that you can only really see it in proper light, but I love the violet shimmer effect. And I’ve finally got a use for all that facial glitter that I used to wear at uni. BTW loose facial glitter + contact lenses really don’t go. I’m surprised I can still see…!!

Nails – Shoreditch by Nails Inc plus Pixi loose glitter.

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A lazy (hungover!) Friday night is so much better when you’ve got some new Chanel to play with.

Chanel Le Vernis, Vendetta

Chanel, Le Vernis

Nails – Vendetta by Chanel 

Chanel, Vendetta, Emerald

I’ve been painting my nails for so long that I can still work with shaky hangover hands.

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I’m always a bit tired and emotional on New Year’s Day. And who wouldn’t be? All the fun is over, your bank account is completely wiped out and it’s only a day or two before you have to go back to work.

No wonder I bawled my eyes out last year while watching WALL-E. 

And it didn’t help that WALL-E and EVE sound like the real names of the soon to be Mr & Mrs ThreeSmallApples.


Yep… Mr ThreeSmallApples.

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Ps: Nails – Wicked by Essie.

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