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Fancy dress fun.

2011… I might not have gotten over my hatred of gooey egg white, my phobia of spiders or my aversion to exercise, so what did I do instead? I dressed up!

Native American, cowboys and indians

A Scottish-Chinese-Native-American.


Since my favourite colour is pink (although I might prefer green these days), who else would I be at the Mad Hatters Tea Party but a flamingo?


I went to space once. That was pretty cool.

Dangermouse and Penfold



Pre Touche Eclat

And a gentrified country walk isn’t the same without a bottle of Bloody Mary and a Piñata…

How the hell am I going to entertain myself in 2012?

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Get the f**k out of bed…!

The sales have started…

Ochre floral printed dress from Oasis

Was £55, now £38

Pins&Needles red floral ruffle dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £2o

Embellished shift dress from Topshop

Was £165 now £80

Sparkle & Fade button though dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £25

Metallic shift dress from River Island

Was £28 now £15

Spotted pleated skater dress from Oasis.

Was £60 now £35

Gotta run… be right back!

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Uh-oh… the weather isn’t looking good for Christmas!!

It’s not that I want snow (a white Christmas isn’t as much fun as you think it’s going to be when they close the Forth Bridges and you find yourself stuck in Fife for 3 days solid…!!) but can it just not rain? I have enough problems trying work out a hairdo ft. bobble hat without having to factor in frizz.

Oh, and I don’t want soggy presents either…

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…which I don’t.

And neither does anyone else I know, so this is all just a bit of wishful thinking.

Owl, John Lewis, Liberty, Not on the High Street

John Lewis £50

I’ve been looking for some little features for my totally overcrowded book shelf, and think this owl lamp could be just the ticket.  Although the vacant eyes might give me the creeps at night…?

Maybelline, The Falsies, Waterproof, Volum Express

Chemists approx £8

This is seriously the best mascara that I’ve tried in YONKS.  It doesn’t uncurl just-curled eyelashes, it doesn’t budge with anything other than waterproof eye makeup remover AND you can build and build and build for mega lashes. I’m all about the mega lashes. I’d like a job lot of this please.

Lilash, eyelash growth serum

Currently only available in America. Approx $90

And while I’m talking about eyelashes, never mind building them up, this stuff MAKES THEM GROW. Seriously.  I’ve read a million reviews and this stuff apparently works! And not like the ‘put vaseline on your eyelashes’ and all those other beauty tips where you never ever see a difference (ever).  It actually makes them longer and thicker. Need. It.

Oasis, Sequinned, mini skirt, sparkly, sequin

Oasis £80

For the days when you want to dress like a glitter ball. Which, for me, is everyday.

Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane, Trent Lane, Quinn Morgendorffer, Upchuck

Another thing that isn’t actually available to buy here (or online by the looks of it. When did this exist?!).  Sob.

I so wanted to be in the Fashion Club.

Chloe, Darla, Net-A-Porter, It Bag

Darla by Chloe.  Net-A-Porter £1115

This is the most grown up bag in the world! If this doesn’t get rid of my inner Peter Pan (or Wendy perhaps? Was never able to pay attention to Hook. I hated Ruffio too much), nothing will!

Dish bunny, rabbit dish rack

Design 55 £27

Yes yes, what kind of person wants a crockery drainer for Christmas?! But this isn’t just any old crockery drainer… it’s got a rabbit on it!

Chase and Sorenson, Danish, Teak, Vintage arm chair

Mark Parrish £225

This is my perfect ‘reading’ chair. Well, almost perfect.  I’d fix/ruin it (depending on your idea of taste…) by recovering the cushions in some kind of gaudy, twee fabric obviously.

Diptyque candle

Liberty £38

And this is how I’d like my flat to smell while I’m sitting in my chair, wearing my sparkly skirt, watching Daria, growing my eyelashes etc etc…

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The Holy Grail of jumpers:

Topshop £46

Something to keep you warm in winter, but is still pretty/sparkly enough to wear to the pub without giving you that  ‘am frumpy, want to kill myself’ feeling…



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Dumbo syndrome

After experimenting with multiple ear piercing in my youth (3 in one ear, 4 in the other (including one of those stupid piercings at the top…why?!) I’ve long decided that I can’t wear earrings. My ears are a bit too big (“They’re not big, they’re just long” is what someone once told me!) and I prefer necklaces, rings and bangles anyway so need to leave something out to ensure that I don’t look a bit too overdressed.

But if I did decide that I wanted to wear earrings, I’d probably wear these:

Wired Jewellry £4, cherry bakewellCherry Bakewell earrings

£4 from Wired Jewellery

I just bloody love frangipane!!

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Wedding question number 1:

Will Olly do a runner if I walk (totter) down the aisle in these shoes?


Whirl by Dune, £90

A 4 inch chunky cone heel will provide (much yearned for) height, but hopefully be a bit more stable than a spindly court heel. A small platform will stop me sawing my legs off after 30 minutes and the peep toe will be a little nod to the fact that it’s a summer wedding. Oh, and they’re totally sparkly.

I think they’re pretty blimmin’ awesome, although I’m not sure Olly would agree… not that he’ll get much say on the matter…

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No, not clothes (I’m a bit too lazy to bother to find the good stuff).  Books. When it comes to books, I love Vintage.

Not only do they publish the paperbacks of Haruki Murakami (so much easier to carry and read on the tube… although I’m carting around the hardback of 1Q84 just now because I can’t wait for a year to read it) but to celebrate their 21st birthday, they’ve published 21 of their most popular titles in the most simple, most stylish, most gorgeous of ways.

Vintage, Haruki Murakami, 21st annersary, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Time Traveller's Wife, Niffenegger, Mark Haddon, The text-only and tactile (touch them, you’ll see what I mean!) covers come in a selection of rainbow colours designed to compliment each other and brighten up any dusty old bookshelf.  And if that wasn’t enough, the page ends are sprayed to match the covers for added irresistibility.

And I know that I’ve got a bookshelf full to bursting point, I’ve got my eye on more than a couple of these… they’re just so PRETTY!

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I’m always a bit tired and emotional on New Year’s Day. And who wouldn’t be? All the fun is over, your bank account is completely wiped out and it’s only a day or two before you have to go back to work.

No wonder I bawled my eyes out last year while watching WALL-E. 

And it didn’t help that WALL-E and EVE sound like the real names of the soon to be Mr & Mrs ThreeSmallApples.


Yep… Mr ThreeSmallApples.

emerald, diamond, vintage jewellery, 30s, antique


Ps: Nails – Wicked by Essie.

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Meh.  Just had a rather disappointing chicken gyoza noodle soup from Wasabi.  Too much liquid, not enough veg and a huge chunk of raw onion (which was the first thing I put in my mouth, obviously!).  Also, there is no polite way to eat noodle soup in an office, although I did try, which resulted in a slightly soupy work space.

A recent lunch at The Ritz with Jacq was much more successful, despite not really knowing which piece of cutlery to use, and getting told off for taking pictures.

I did manage to take a little sneaky one though:

My starter consisted of a scallop (yep, ONE. True it did say “Scallop” as opposed to “Scallops” on the menu … but I thought they were using the same kind of language that’s so popular in fashion circles… referring to “a boot” instead of “boots” and so on…) with a smoked haddock foam (mmm foam(!)…the foam was actually very tasty), pancetta and some kind of long cracker thing. It was TINY, but incredible.

A minuscule portion of squab pigeon followed, and the meal was finished off by a midget cheese board.

But believe it or not, I was so full that I didn’t eat for the rest of the day.  You don’t snack after a meal at The Ritz (you probably couldn’t afford to even if you wanted to).

One last sneaky photo… pretty!

Ps. Thanks to Mummyapples… t’was a lovely Christmas present.

Pps. Itsu gyoza soup is much better than Wasabi

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