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An indoor but ‘outdoors’ Swedish forest. In London?

Yep, thanks to Rekorderling.

Of course there’s a DJ in middle of the winter forest… at least the winter forests in East London.

Sweden isn’t Sweden without meatballs.


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I might have pruned it to the root (and ended on antibiotics in the process!!) but the ThreeSmallApples bramble is BACK and stronger than ever!

Come winter time? It’s going to be jam time!

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Apart from the one minute when I was in the garden, this weekend has been spent cutting, folding, glueing and sticking the most complicated wedding invites in the world.

Luckily, it was a pretty good minute…

Pink, flowers, gardening

Kitten, cat, black and white cat, Celia Hammond

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When Threesmallapples HQ was moved to N16 2 years ago, I was pretty excited!

Not only is N16 a hotbed for cute cafes, nice pubs (‘nice’ makes them sound crap, but they’re not. They’re not overly trendy, overpriced or over stylised, they’re just bloody…nice!), new bars, and quirky shops, it also has one of the best Turkish restaurants in town.

What I wasn’t quite so excited about was the cemetery. Which is why I couldn’t understand why people kept saying to me (ME! Of all people!) “you HAVE to check out the cemetery”. But, I did check out the cemetery, and it turns out, it’s not just a cemetery, it’s an arboretum. Which basically means it’s extra spooky.

Opened in 1840, 196,843 people have been buried in Abney Park Cemetery.  Erm.. hello? Can anyone say “ghosts”?

But they were right, it really is something worth seeing. So worth it, that I decided to have a wander on a sunny day, take some pictures, and then get too spooked to look at them for 2 years.

Abney Park cemetery

Abney Park cemetery

Uhhh… hi!?

Abney Park cemetery

Abney Park cemetery

The path to…?

Abney Park cemetery

Abney Park cemetery

Abney Park cemetery

Abney Park cemetery

I don’t think there are any ghosts in these pictures, but I haven’t really looked. And I can’t watch Three Men and a Baby either…

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Now, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of a tan.  I can’t think of anything worse than having a patchy colour, peeling bits, looking ashen with face powder… and don’t get me started on tan lines. Eurgh!!!

So when it comes to ideas for a honeymoon, quite a few of the traditional ones have been knocked off the list. A week on a beach somewhere would surely be beautiful and relaxing, but there is only so much lounging on a beach you can do when you’re constantly dragging your sun lounger around trying to stay under an umbrella.

Instead, we’ve had a couple of other ideas, and one of the favourites? Japan next spring in time for cherry blossom season.  The sight of cherry blossoms on the trees after a long winter is always a treat as well as a reminder that spring is on the way (or perhaps not this year, considering they were in bloom after a mild January, and there’s been barely a hint of summer so far) so added to some striking Japanese temples, a Tokyo culture shock, and wall to wall Hello Kitty, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the once in a lifetime holiday of my dreams!

The only problem? I’ve got to wait until 6 months after the ‘big day’ before we can go on the big trip…

I’ll have to make do with the prettiest bath and shower gel (EVER) in the meantime.

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel (a late birthday present from H. Who doesn’t love a late birthday present? It’s like a present for no reason!)

It’s almost too gorgeous to use!

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It might not be fancy, exciting looking or particularly colourful (in fact, it looks pretty much like a bog standard daisy) but this little beauty has survived the winter in the Threesmallapples plant death trap and has actually flowered!!

P’raps I’m getting the hang of this whole ‘gardening’ malarky?



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The holidays are over, the decorations are down (my tree isn’t actually down, it’s staying up till next week as the council tree collection won’t pick up till the 12th.. bad luck? What bad luck?) and we’re all back to work. Depressed much?

This is the only thing that’s cheering me up right now.

Yankee Candle, Carrot cake, scented candle

Carrot cake without the calories. Mmmm… thanks Jacq! x

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Get the f**k out of bed…!

The sales have started…

Ochre floral printed dress from Oasis

Was £55, now £38

Pins&Needles red floral ruffle dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £2o

Embellished shift dress from Topshop

Was £165 now £80

Sparkle & Fade button though dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £25

Metallic shift dress from River Island

Was £28 now £15

Spotted pleated skater dress from Oasis.

Was £60 now £35

Gotta run… be right back!

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It’s probably because I’m addicted to anything that could be deemed ‘twee’, but I do love a home-made gift.

Anything hand knitted, home sewn or personally stewed gets a two thumbs up (or the modern, less geeky equivalent…) from me.

Home made mince meat, floral, kirstie alsopp, fruit

Viv’s home-made mince meat, complete with floral cloth lid (*love*), does look a bit better than my slightly charred Earl Grey tea loaf…

Now, can I use this in my own mince pies and still call them home-made? Or would I guilty of mince meat theft?

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…which I don’t.

And neither does anyone else I know, so this is all just a bit of wishful thinking.

Owl, John Lewis, Liberty, Not on the High Street

John Lewis £50

I’ve been looking for some little features for my totally overcrowded book shelf, and think this owl lamp could be just the ticket.  Although the vacant eyes might give me the creeps at night…?

Maybelline, The Falsies, Waterproof, Volum Express

Chemists approx £8

This is seriously the best mascara that I’ve tried in YONKS.  It doesn’t uncurl just-curled eyelashes, it doesn’t budge with anything other than waterproof eye makeup remover AND you can build and build and build for mega lashes. I’m all about the mega lashes. I’d like a job lot of this please.

Lilash, eyelash growth serum

Currently only available in America. Approx $90

And while I’m talking about eyelashes, never mind building them up, this stuff MAKES THEM GROW. Seriously.  I’ve read a million reviews and this stuff apparently works! And not like the ‘put vaseline on your eyelashes’ and all those other beauty tips where you never ever see a difference (ever).  It actually makes them longer and thicker. Need. It.

Oasis, Sequinned, mini skirt, sparkly, sequin

Oasis £80

For the days when you want to dress like a glitter ball. Which, for me, is everyday.

Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane, Trent Lane, Quinn Morgendorffer, Upchuck

Another thing that isn’t actually available to buy here (or online by the looks of it. When did this exist?!).  Sob.

I so wanted to be in the Fashion Club.

Chloe, Darla, Net-A-Porter, It Bag

Darla by Chloe.  Net-A-Porter £1115

This is the most grown up bag in the world! If this doesn’t get rid of my inner Peter Pan (or Wendy perhaps? Was never able to pay attention to Hook. I hated Ruffio too much), nothing will!

Dish bunny, rabbit dish rack

Design 55 £27

Yes yes, what kind of person wants a crockery drainer for Christmas?! But this isn’t just any old crockery drainer… it’s got a rabbit on it!

Chase and Sorenson, Danish, Teak, Vintage arm chair

Mark Parrish £225

This is my perfect ‘reading’ chair. Well, almost perfect.  I’d fix/ruin it (depending on your idea of taste…) by recovering the cushions in some kind of gaudy, twee fabric obviously.

Diptyque candle

Liberty £38

And this is how I’d like my flat to smell while I’m sitting in my chair, wearing my sparkly skirt, watching Daria, growing my eyelashes etc etc…

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