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My freezer compartment has been filled with home-grown (I say home-grown, I didn’t actually grow them… they were already growing in the garden when I moved in!) blackberries (well, actually 49% blackberries and 51% frost and ice) since I moved in to Three Small Apples HQ almost 18 months ago. And since I’m probably not going to get around to thawing out the freezer anytime soon, I decided that it was probably quicker and easier to make blackberry and apple jam!

Blackberries, Ice, frozen, fresh frozen berries

Home grown berries. And home frozen ice.

Three Large Apples

Three BIG apples.

chopped apples, green apples

…gulp…(poor apples).

Sieve… Look how fast the spoon is moving!

Add a wee bit of sugar…

Actually, add body weight in sugar.


TA-DA!!! x 6

Now, to lounge around, eating jammy toast and feelin’ smug.

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Who could resist this after a little Christmas tipple or 2?


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Wedding question number 1:

Will Olly do a runner if I walk (totter) down the aisle in these shoes?


Whirl by Dune, £90

A 4 inch chunky cone heel will provide (much yearned for) height, but hopefully be a bit more stable than a spindly court heel. A small platform will stop me sawing my legs off after 30 minutes and the peep toe will be a little nod to the fact that it’s a summer wedding. Oh, and they’re totally sparkly.

I think they’re pretty blimmin’ awesome, although I’m not sure Olly would agree… not that he’ll get much say on the matter…

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Remember the days when toast could pass for dinner and you’d eat it for five days in a row without complaint?

(dream toaster which I never actually owned…)

True it’s usually around the same time when you drank a lot of Snakebite and Black and got 10% discount at Topshop with your NUS card. But thanks to Tonia George’s cook book ‘Things on Toast’, toast has moved on from a staple food group for students everywhere, to something that you might actually serve to guests!

With simple and tasty offerings such as chorizo, poached eggs, chilli flakes and thyme (on toast…obviously) this is the recipe book for anyone looking to turn a basic ingredient into something much more exciting. And don’t let the word ‘toast’ lead you to believe that these meals are going to look like an amateur effort either. Simple, well cooked ingredients piled (or artfully arranged!) onto slices of good bread can look as just as enticing as something that took 12 times the amount of time and effort. It’s almost enough to make you want to throw out the Marmite forever!

(nom nom…)

Things on Toast by Tonia George.

Published by Ebury.


***This post was originally written for Cellardoor magazine***

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As is probably very obvious from my most recent birthday party, I’m a bit of a fan of Jurassic Park.  It’s because I’m a repressed 15 year old, although check this out and tell me that you don’t love it (**It’s one of my favourite scenes**).

If I was as rich as John Hammond, I’d be tempted to try to bring back dinosaurs too (obviously not learning a thing about the effects of tampering with nature…).

Luckily for the entire World, I’m not as rich so I’m not currently trying.

Anneka Moore, the designer behind Spanner & Wingnut is though… although with far less gory, popping-out-of-bushes, consequences.  Clever girl…


A graduate from Central St Martins, Anneka managed to mix a sense of fun together with precious metals  to create a playful and unique capsule collection.

Her adorable dinosaur pendant is made from solid sterling silver plated in 9ct gold.  The 26 inch chain features a beautifully delicate toggle clasp, making the whole package look all the more unique.

Spanner & Wingnut products are currently stocked at a selected number of boutiques, including Of Cabbages & Kings in Stoke Newington (which is, dangerously, only a lazy 10 minute walk from Three Small Apples HQ…).

I might have to pay a little visit this weekend. But maybe I’ll brush up on my knowledge of the UNIX system first, just in case.

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Thank god for the fact that most fashion shows and exhibitions start late.  If that wasn’t the case, I might have ended up missing Christopher Beales “When the Crystal Crack’d”  collection.  As someone who is constantly at least 20 minutes late (I honestly don’t know how it happens… I think I’m faulty. I can’t read a map either), most of my travelling time is spent checking my watch, cursing traffic lights and having a nervous breakdown.  But all’s well ends well and I made it to the Rag Factory in Brick Lane before the doors opened. Pheeew …

After 15 years of working with some of the biggest names in the business,  Christopher Beales has managed to put together a 16 piece fashion exhibition, using a mixture of fabrics and metals, which sits on the boarder between fashion and art.

Guess, which is my favourite…? I am such a magpie.

By combining traditional clothing materials such as silks, wool and leather, with elements such as aluminium, stones and crystal, Christopher manages to toughen up what would have been an already striking and feminine collection.

Using a full spectrum of colours from dusky rose to black, as well sharp asymmetrical shapes, Christopher ensure that his designs are both contemporary and startling…  And judging by the enthusiastic and giddy reactions of the people around me, I’m not the only one who thought so.


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Like the knuckles.


I spotted this in a magazine and almost died because I love it so much.  Then I spotted the price and almost died again…!

Oh my god, I might have to kill myself. It’s just that good.

I’ve had a thing for snails ever since I found a massive slug(not a snail) in my wardrobe (while living in the worst flat) that I killed with salt. My boyfriend named him Snaily Jim(even though it was a slug) and then I felt so guilty that I cried… Aaaaanyway… (!).

The necklace is part of Katie Hillier‘s Paperclips collection and features all sorts of adorableness such as bees, hedgehogs, owls… Made from precious metal and precious or semi precious stones, prices start at £295 for the budget(!) silver range and around £850 for the gold range.


Is it just me, or does anyone else hate a curly shoe?

These pumps would be great if they didn’t curl. Eurgh.. why?!?

Curly shoes remind me of that scene in The Wizard of Oz after the ruby slippers are transferred to Dorothy and those scary legs curl up and slide under the house.  Terrifying!

Don’t believe me? Looky here (around 40 seconds in).

Flats from Topshop. £50

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There goes another one..

Considering I’ve got so much stuff (that I’m bored of) that I have to steal 70% of Olly’s share of the wardrobe, how come I don’t have a bag that works for day time?

I tried that thing of carrying-a-smaller-bag-and-therefore-less-junk-daily, but that didn’t really work. I’ve just ended up carrying 2 bags instead. One with all my essentials, and another with my book, umbrella, gloves, spare shoes (depending on which shoes I’ve worn into the office) lunch box and tea flask. I’ll never be the kind of girl that travels light.

And to add insult to injury, the only bag that I’ve (half) liked in a while broke after less than a week!!!!  (On the way to Drink, Shop & Do!! Thank god DS&D was so amazing… totally made up for my baggage failure.)


Oh just f*ck off.

And I don’t actually carry much stuff in my ‘essentials’ bag:

Purse, keys, iPod, travelcard, hand cream, make up bag, mirror, diary.


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Mmm cake.

My recent trip to New York gave me the chance to do one of the things I really love: take pictures of food! Why doesn’t food in London look the way it does in America? Why don’t we have bakeries on every corner? Why can’t we have 3 hour boozy Sunday brunches? Why don’t we have whipped butter? Whipped butter is amazing!

Whipped butter aside (because whipped butter doesn’t make for very good pictures) have a gawk at this lot…

Earl Grey tea + Bloody Mary + “Farmer’s breakfast” = a good brunch @ The Cornelia Street Cafe.

A right pair of (fruit) tarts

A plum in plum flavoured Jelly… maybe I’ll just have a Creme Egg.

I need these cupcake cases

I was inspired by this edible overload to do a bit of baking this weekend which resulted in a batch of “vanilla vanilla” cupcakes, with a twist. Pink sponge! Unfortunately, over-enthusiastic consumption (by friends! Not me!)has ensure that no photographic evidence remains.  I took it as a compliment.

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Is there anything that the Ronson’s can’t do? From producing hit albums, to DJing hot parties, not to mention a bit of Lohan dating/dumping and a dash of ‘doing what it says on the tin’ (oh wait, that’s Ronseal…) there’s another Ronson on the loose, and this one designs clothes.

Charlotte Ronson is the twin sister of Samantha, and instead of having ashtrays (allegedly) thrown at her head by Lilo, she’s into her 10th year as a fashion designer…

How much do I love these boots? Black suede, almost over the knee length with gold ankle chain embellishments. Amazingly, despite the length and the chains, these boots are the perfect foil to dress down a black leather wrap dress.

The same boots are used with a heavy belt to toughen up a gorgeously whimsical, sheer floral tunic dress.  Big pants are a must.

photos: Style.com

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