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A rainy Saturday is made that bit better with a cup of tea and Rose and Lychee marshmallows from Zukr Boutique.

Being served on the side of my favourite V&A tea cup, not only looks pretty, but stops me from eating more than 2 in one go… (ok, that’s a lie. But they do look pretty..).

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The best thing after a little bit of weekend gardening?

A tiny tea picnic, and a sprawl on the grass.

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February, it’s dark, it’s depressing and it’s the month of my birth.

Still, it’s not all bad… because I get presents:

What a cutie.

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Siberian weather eh? That’s nice.

Actually, it’s not. I’ve been over-wearing the only really warm cardigan that I own, layering up with Uniqlo Heat tech, wearing Uggs in public (yes, I hate myself a bit for it!) and I’m still cold!  So in an attempt to thaw myself out, I decided to make an attempt at chilli hot chocolate.

I obviously used the easiest recipe I could find, and the result? Pretty damn good.

It’s apparently going to start getting warmer this week… but don’t let that stop you trying this out.

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The holidays are over, the decorations are down (my tree isn’t actually down, it’s staying up till next week as the council tree collection won’t pick up till the 12th.. bad luck? What bad luck?) and we’re all back to work. Depressed much?

This is the only thing that’s cheering me up right now.

Yankee Candle, Carrot cake, scented candle

Carrot cake without the calories. Mmmm… thanks Jacq! x

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Uh-oh… the weather isn’t looking good for Christmas!!

It’s not that I want snow (a white Christmas isn’t as much fun as you think it’s going to be when they close the Forth Bridges and you find yourself stuck in Fife for 3 days solid…!!) but can it just not rain? I have enough problems trying work out a hairdo ft. bobble hat without having to factor in frizz.

Oh, and I don’t want soggy presents either…

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The Holy Grail of jumpers:

Topshop £46

Something to keep you warm in winter, but is still pretty/sparkly enough to wear to the pub without giving you that  ‘am frumpy, want to kill myself’ feeling…



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Seasonal Psychosis was the name of an amazing bright blue and sparkly nail varnish by Hard Candy. I used to LOVE Hard Candy, despite the fact that it peeled off in layers as soon as it was dry.  I think it was the jelly ring that made up for it.

Anyway… As much as I hate being cold, hate the rain for ruining my hair, and am just generally a bit of a SAD-suffering git in winter, I love living in a country where the seasons really change.

No months of sunshine here (if only! Although think how tanned I’d be…) nor could I cope with the months of 24 hour Polar Night.  Instead I’m lucky enough to get a lil’ bit of everything weather-wise  and I can’t be the only one who loves to watch the changes? Right?

Cherry blossoms in the springtime hint at the warm summer to come (if we’re lucky) and convinces me to dig out the florals (well I would dig them out, if I hadn’t continued to wear them all through winter, with a cardigan and some Uniqlo HeatTech) and ditch the tights. Switching to white wine after months of red is also a bit of a treat.

Cherry blossoms are an absolute favourite.

Chocolate tastes better when it’s egg shaped.

Summer means picnics, it means beer gardens and it means BBQs.  It also means that any DIY projects that I’m trying to complete might drag on for months and months. And months.

Primrose Hill, Celeb Spotting, Wine, park, London

Lazy days on Primrose Hill…

Kubb, Swedish, Clissold Park

Kubb. One of those games that sound a bit weird (those trendy Swedes inventing things again…!!) but is really fun once you start playing.

Kubb, Swedish, Clissold Park

The King. Of Kubb.

Pittencrief Park, Dunfermline, Fife

Mum hasn’t really mastered the art of a lazy summer walk…(!) Look at her go!

Autumn is full of golden leaves, fireworks displays and cosy knits which are a nice change after 3 months of trying to find an outfit that works with both sunny skies and my ridiculously air-conditioned office.  Slightly less of a treat are the spiders that decide that to pop in for a bit of warmth, only to be faced with screaming and sudden death by squashing.

golden leaves, seasons, Trinity College, autumninal

Yay for crunchy leaves.

Fruit pies, The Queen of Tarts, Dublin, fruit tart, autumn fruits, baking

Bored of summery food?

And lastly, there’s winter. The start of winter contains enough excitement to help me get over the fact that’s it’s not only totally freezing but it’s also dark when I wake and dark again when I leave work.  The prospect of mulled wine, Christmas trees, pigs&blankets (one of the reasons that I’d fail as a vegetarian) and presents make up for the fact that shops continue to have that Slade song on repeat for 8 weeks.  Can someone please come up with a new song? Not East 17.

Holly, berries, Xmas, Christmas, traditional Xmas leavesHopefully I’ve manned up enough not to get another infection from any finger plant pricking!

Snow, sledge, Santa hat

Does being in Santa’s sleigh mean I must be a present? Or just lazy?

Ps.  The months of January to the middle of March have obviously been left out of this because they are horrid, depressing and vile and the only thing that has ever managed to make it better was Jurassic Park on the big screen… and I can’t do that every year. Can I?

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