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Brighton Fashion Week started with a bang yesterday at the suitably glamorous beachside venue of the Hilton Metropole, where the fashion loving and fabulous people of Brighton flocked in droves to celebrate the start of Brighton’s 6th fashion week.

Once I’d managed to navigate the cavernous and labyrinth-like hallways of the Hilton, I found myself inside a chandelier-lit hall filled with Brighton’s fashionable finest.  Brighton prides itself on its extensive art community and is a magnet for the fashion-forward, cultured, musical and media savvy of the South East, so I wasn’t at all surprised to be confronted with a melting pot of unique styles and personalities, all sweltering away under the 100 degree heat of the various spot lights and camera flashes.

Clothing wise, it was a style explosion as retro playsuits crossed paths with Saturday night’s finest, gothic mingled with the glam and a stunning floor length champagne (wedding?!) dress was actually spotted, for what I imagine must be the first time ever, in the same room as a brave chap wearing a black, loose knit, dropped stitch, crotchet jumper… (wow).

People-watching aside, the launch party had a whole lot to offer, starting with canapés from Brighton based Oki Nami all the way through to digital photo-booths supplied by Say Fromage where guests could relive their perky teen years by squeezing into a booth and taking zany, wacky and hilarious snaps, all which will be available to view on www.sayfromage.co.uk.

After a lovely ‘word from our sponsors’, we were treated with a juicy taster of what is in store for us over the next 4 days…

Jez Eaton’s Trashion show sampler felt like perhaps Mugatu was up to his old tricks again, and Zoolander had become real life…models stormed down the catwalk wearing such items as hoodies made from Lidl bags, outerwear constructed from Kettle Chips boxes (sea salt and balsamic vinegar… the best flavour!) and a full length gown made entirely from umbrellas! Now I know what to do with my umbrella the next time it turns inside out.

Before I could say “blue steel”, the Couture Show kicked in. Strutting out, to the sound of The Tings Tings, models wore the finest creations from designers such as Joanne Fleming, Flik Hall, Serina Poppy and Andrew Bannister to name just a few. A personal favourite was a pale kimono jacket coloured with splashes of emerald green and worn with a sweet Japanese rosebud mouth.

The show was spectacularly topped off with a performance from the colourful, polka dot adorned duo My Bad Sister.  But unfortunately, like Cinderella before me, time ran away from me at such a speed that I had to slip out the door before I turned into a pumpkin.  Luckily for me, even pumpkins were given a goodie bag on the way out!

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Oh look…

..I won!

Brighton Fashion Week blogger competition

Crikey.  I’m now sorting through clothes like a maniac as I have to go to Brighton after work every night for the next 3 nights as well as Saturday.

Jumping for joy

(Grand Central 2009)

And once this is over, I have to pack up The Stag, going on a hen weekend and then move house. Feel a bit wootzy just thinking about it.

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Eggs? What eggs?

I personally think this is a good use of my fridge.  I don’t know what I’ll do when it comes to the wee fridge in the new flat. Get rid of the salad drawers maybe?

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Try to focus..

Must teach Jacq how to focus the camera while taking a picture drunk.

Top – Primark

Belt – stolen from First Magazine fashion cupboard

Skirt – H&M

Shoes – River Island (1 size too small, but I’m hoping they’ll stretch)

Drink – Pinotage

Am I shrinking? Why is the arm chair so large?

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