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One more day left of 2010… must try and tidy the flat. No one wants to wake up in a tip at the start of a new year.

Here are a few other wee goodies that will be starting the new year with me, courtesy of generous chums:

You wouldn’t think that you’d have trouble getting mobile phone signal in London, but Stoke Newington seems to be a communications black hole.  Until I can change phone contract (G’bye O2… we’ve had some good times…) I’ll be making contact via retro phone.

Quack quack, it’s Space Duck!

Neil Armstrong is such a dude. First man on the moon. Ace!! Maybe I could be the first Jock on the moon?

Check out Neil and co, meeting Queenie in 1970. Just think what a power couple Neil and Liz could have been. Forget Brangelina, Quarmstrong would have ruled the world!

Do you think this might stop me being late all the time?!

I never usually make Christmas lists (because no one ever buys me what I ask for) but these were something that I dropped big hints for (and by hints, I mean I emailed the link to Jacq)… so thanks Jacq! I’m going to be baking up a storm.

Phew… finally got something pretty to stop my sandwiches getting squashed on the way to work every day.

And you can never have too much gold and nail varnish!  Think I’ll start the year in Essie‘s Merino Cool…

Roll on 2011.


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I had a tiny tea party

As if flat renovation and Christmas weren’t both stressful enough as it is, we decided not only to have a tiny xmas tea party, but I ended up deciding that I was going to bake something that I’d never baked before either… what a good idea(!)

Add to that the fact that I had to build various pieces of furniture and try to find a hiding places for a bunch of boxes that contain nothing more than useless cables (I’ve tried throwing them out… Olly thinks they’ll be useful one day…). I almost had to hit the mulled wine early just steady my nerves.

But it all worked out beautifully, and a ton of snow didn’t stop our dedicated friends from trekking over. What a gang!!

Hope this doesn’t kill our slightly delicate lawn…?

Who doesn’t like Jelly Babies?

Carrot and banana cake.

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Oh… Santa. P.S:

Just a few more things that I wouldn’t hate you for getting me… in case you’re having problems finding the other things.

Violet flavoured liqueur.  Once you’ve had a violet bellini, I swear you’ll want another. Yes they taste a bit like Parma Violets, but the grown up Champagney version.

Approx £18. Available in Harvey Nichols

Pac Man cookie cutters.

I saw these on one of my favourite blogs, Domestic Sluttery, and had to share. How awesome are these?

£11.99 from Firebox

I’m absolutely in love with this magnetic chalk board from Urban Outfitters. I’d like to think that people would leave sweet messages and pictures, but my boyfriend has a thing for drawing rude pictures on chalk boards, so maybe I shouldn’t tempt him with this?


I’m so jealous of anyone with long, thick eyelashes. But I don’t have them. I have short, thin, straight (straight!!! and I have the curliest hair!) eyelashes. Apparently this makes them grow. And it works!! (so I’ve been told, anyway). Think of the money I’d save on mascara?!!

£95 HQhair

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Dear Santa…

Here is the start of my wish list:

I got given soooo much nail varnish last Christmas. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have more…

All That Glitters gift set from Nails Inc.

£20 from ASOS

I’ve not actually tried Hazelnut Baileys yet, but I imagine it’s amazing! Hazelnut lattes are my coffee of choice, so why not Hazelnut Baileys? Although maybe I should have a sample shot before committing to a litre? Nah, let’s just buy the litre.

Currently £10 in most supermarkets

I already have 2 cupcake stands, a cake stand with lid and a vintage tea set. Now I need these tins in case the situation (ever!) arises in which I have to store left over cake…

£24.95 from Dotcomgiftshop

I know it’s sold out everywhere, but maybe someone has already secretly bought me this canary yellow, one-shoulders Lanvin for H&M minidress?

£99 from H&M

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December already?! Arg. That means I’ve been in my new flat for 6 months and there are STILL boxes everywhere. How long is unpacking meant to take?

Anyway. Enough of unpacking tedium… here’s 5 things I’m looking forward to before the end of 2o1o:

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at Sadler’s Wells next Sunday!

With Cinderella, I’ll be completing a Matthew Bourne hat trick, which started with Dorian Gray, and then followed with Edward Scissorhands.  And I love love LOVE Sadler’s Wells. The fairylit trees outside make it look so beautiful.

Eating mince pies…

I’m trying to limit myself to 1 a day…

Christmas time at home.

As gorgeous as it looks, the snow last Christmas was a massive pain. A white Christmas is only good if you live in a house the size of the Griswalds in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and all your family are coming to stay. Whereas in reality you’ve got to cancel half of your plans in Edinburgh because the Forth Bridges are closed. Fail.

Decorating my Christmas tree!

The first Christmas tree in a new flat is very exciting business. We should get it on Wednesday…  although due to lack of space (the space being taken up by unpacked boxes) Olly wants to get a smaller 3ft tree. Is Christmas still Christmas if you’re not dwarfed by the tree?


No, not really.  I’m not that much of a brat.  Jacq is though…


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There goes another one..

Considering I’ve got so much stuff (that I’m bored of) that I have to steal 70% of Olly’s share of the wardrobe, how come I don’t have a bag that works for day time?

I tried that thing of carrying-a-smaller-bag-and-therefore-less-junk-daily, but that didn’t really work. I’ve just ended up carrying 2 bags instead. One with all my essentials, and another with my book, umbrella, gloves, spare shoes (depending on which shoes I’ve worn into the office) lunch box and tea flask. I’ll never be the kind of girl that travels light.

And to add insult to injury, the only bag that I’ve (half) liked in a while broke after less than a week!!!!  (On the way to Drink, Shop & Do!! Thank god DS&D was so amazing… totally made up for my baggage failure.)


Oh just f*ck off.

And I don’t actually carry much stuff in my ‘essentials’ bag:

Purse, keys, iPod, travelcard, hand cream, make up bag, mirror, diary.


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