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With wedding prep being forced to take priority (you’d hope so, since it’s less than 6 weeks away…!)  I feel like I haven’t had a spare moment lately.

But obviously I must have had, as this little collection of pictures prove.

Oh, and I’ve also been glued to the Olympics. Perhaps I shouldn’t have avoided PE in school…

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The best thing after a little bit of weekend gardening?

A tiny tea picnic, and a sprawl on the grass.

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After thinking about it for yonks and talking about it even more, I finally got around to re-covering my boring old IKEA Börje chairs.

And with an electronic staple gun, it was surprisingly easy!

In fact, the hardest thing was picking the fabric.  After quite a bit of tedious searching, me and Mr ThreeSmallApples managed to agree on Paradis by Bantie.

Swedish fabric for Swedish chairs? How obvious, why didn’t we think of it sooner?

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I might have pruned it to the root (and ended on antibiotics in the process!!) but the ThreeSmallApples bramble is BACK and stronger than ever!

Come winter time? It’s going to be jam time!

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A less Owly cat

Six months in and it looks like Siu Mai (otherwise known as Owl Cat) is finally starting to trust us.

I know it might not look like it, but me and the Owl are “cool”.  She’s even been known to have a little purr these days.

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With the ThreeSmallApples wedding extravaganza (whoops, hyped it!) looming, I’ve been every so slightly distracted. There is SO MUCH still to do, and it doesn’t always help that Mr ThreeSmallApples is the one of the most chilled people ever. So chilled, in fact, that when I send him rambling but bullet-pointed emails because I feel a bit like this, he usually doesn’t reply. ARG!

One of the things on the never-ending (it actually appears to be growing) list is flowers.

Do you know the cost of wedding flowers? Like all wedding related things, they are so ridiculously expensive that you feel like having twigs instead. And then they die. Money well spent(!).

Instead of selling my flat (where would the cats live?) to pay a florist, I thought I might do the flower arrangements myself. It can’t be that hard can it?  I was quite pleased with that jam jar… but the flowers in the garden aren’t really going to go very far. And it’s probably best I have a practice with something a bit bigger than a geranium in a jam jar.

So I dragged Mr ThreeSmallApples down to Columbia Road Flower Market.

Dahlias… Note to self: plant this week!

Might cheat with herbs since this year’s Parsley is a total disaster

Sunflowers are a bit of a fav. And they last for ages.

The “trick” (according to Mr ThreeSmallApples, who has no flower arranging experience) is to pick some stems with a head that faces ‘up’ and some that have a tilted head. I hate that he’s always right.

I added some pink Gerberas. Not because I’m obsessed with pink (grown out of that phase.. ahem) but because there was a bit of a disappointing Gerbera selection ‘down’ the market. Might have to have a word…

And there we have it, another floral success!

Now to do something like this on a much larger, slightly more stressful (probably…) scale.

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Who said flower arranging was hard?

A little selection of  flowers from the garden of Threesmallapples HQ.

True, I’m not quite Paula Pryke, but maybe with a little practise…?

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Lil’ holiday

There is nothing like putting the entire contents of your suitcase into the laundry basket to give you the holiday blues. Add to that a blocked ear and a suntan (bah! I swear I barely ventured out of the shade!) and it’s a good thing that I’ve got Jurassic Park on dvd.

But a week spent eating, drinking, swimming (…well trying to get better at swimming. On the plus side, I learned how to do a bomb!) and sightseeing in Croatia is well worth a bit of laundry. In fact, it was so lovely that it might even be worth the tan!

Cave Baredine

Who doesn’t like to spend a hot day in a cave 132 meters below the ground?

Just make sure you get out before the turn the lights out!

A slightly sunnier day out in Rovinj!

The view from the courtyard of St Euphemia’s Basilica

As well as dinosaur footprints, another thing that the guide-book thought would be worth mentioning about Karmenjak are Black Widow spiders…!! I managed not to see either of these things ( 😦 about the dinoprint, 🙂 about the spiders!), but how good is this tree?

It grows pink fluff instead of flowers. It’s so my kind of tree.

And now it’s back to normality, work, cat bothering (I thought cats were meant to fall out with you when you go on holiday? Har Gao is a bigger attention seeker than ever before!) and wedding planning for the next couple of months… Eek!

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