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It turns out that I’m really predictable… who on earth would have thought it?!

But the sheer volume of floral kitchen ware that I’ve been given in the past 6 months has made it painfully clear….

The tea set with the duck egg blue interior and the gold rims is the only thing I bought myself. £15 on eBay. Such a bargain. I love it to death.

The floral and gold edged cake stand = housewarming present from MummyApples.  Who knew she had taste?! She’s a good egg.

V&A cake tins = Christmas pressie from Jacq.

Blue Cath Kidston breakfast set = birthday pres from Bonk and Nick.  It comes with an egg cup and in a cute, floral lunch box which is now the prettiest first aid box ever.

Gorgeous buff and pink floral Oliver Bonas bowls (front left) from Hannah.

V&A Butterfly tea cup, saucer and side plate set = Gaëlle

This gorgeous hand-made mug  from my favourite Swede, Fia, is my new favourite for green tea. It’s huge too, so I don’t have to keep refilling.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Olly isn’t quite so enthusiastic about all of this… in fact, I think he sorely regrets moving in with me.  Too late!! And just think how awesome my next tea party is going to be?!


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Thank god for the fact that most fashion shows and exhibitions start late.  If that wasn’t the case, I might have ended up missing Christopher Beales “When the Crystal Crack’d”  collection.  As someone who is constantly at least 20 minutes late (I honestly don’t know how it happens… I think I’m faulty. I can’t read a map either), most of my travelling time is spent checking my watch, cursing traffic lights and having a nervous breakdown.  But all’s well ends well and I made it to the Rag Factory in Brick Lane before the doors opened. Pheeew …

After 15 years of working with some of the biggest names in the business,  Christopher Beales has managed to put together a 16 piece fashion exhibition, using a mixture of fabrics and metals, which sits on the boarder between fashion and art.

Guess, which is my favourite…? I am such a magpie.

By combining traditional clothing materials such as silks, wool and leather, with elements such as aluminium, stones and crystal, Christopher manages to toughen up what would have been an already striking and feminine collection.

Using a full spectrum of colours from dusky rose to black, as well sharp asymmetrical shapes, Christopher ensure that his designs are both contemporary and startling…  And judging by the enthusiastic and giddy reactions of the people around me, I’m not the only one who thought so.


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Hurry up Summer!

A few stray crocuses have sprung up on the lawn, daffodils are on sale in Sainsburys and it’s getting slowly staying lighter for longer…

Is it too early to start planning my Summer wardrobe? Bearing in mind that I never did buy a Winter wardrobe, I just wore all of my Summer stuff with Uniqlo Heat Tech underneath (they are amazing!!)…

Topshop £25

I want to wear this floral, racer-back vest with cut off denims and chunky wedges while frolicking in Primrose Hill, drinking pear cider and eating houmous and falafel.

Ahhh Summer… Start already!

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Like the knuckles.


I spotted this in a magazine and almost died because I love it so much.  Then I spotted the price and almost died again…!

Oh my god, I might have to kill myself. It’s just that good.

I’ve had a thing for snails ever since I found a massive slug(not a snail) in my wardrobe (while living in the worst flat) that I killed with salt. My boyfriend named him Snaily Jim(even though it was a slug) and then I felt so guilty that I cried… Aaaaanyway… (!).

The necklace is part of Katie Hillier‘s Paperclips collection and features all sorts of adorableness such as bees, hedgehogs, owls… Made from precious metal and precious or semi precious stones, prices start at £295 for the budget(!) silver range and around £850 for the gold range.


Is it just me, or does anyone else hate a curly shoe?

These pumps would be great if they didn’t curl. Eurgh.. why?!?

Curly shoes remind me of that scene in The Wizard of Oz after the ruby slippers are transferred to Dorothy and those scary legs curl up and slide under the house.  Terrifying!

Don’t believe me? Looky here (around 40 seconds in).

Flats from Topshop. £50

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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not making the most of/being sucked into the idea of mega romance on Valentines day… and since I’m typing this, neither am I.

I’m not that bothered about chocolate (must not eat chocolate… must not eat chocolate…), flowers (carrying my birthday flowers home from work really did make me feel a bit wootzy) or champagne (Ok, that last statement is false) but I hate that I’m missing this:


Yes ok, perhaps a bit of a Valentine’s cheese fest, but any excuse to stay in Tigerlily. Literally. Any. Excuse.

No trip home is complete (or any good) without it!

Can I please have cloud lights at home?

Pink carpeted spiral steps and a glitter ball? Yup, I’ll have ’em.

I’m such an afternoon tea fiend…

But who doesn’t love tiny cakes?  They’re so wee that they can’t be bad for you.

The strawberries count as 1 of my 5 a day.  That’s my defence and I’m sticking to it.

The bar is so pretty that I can barely concentrate on the drinks menu!

Not quite sure what the fuzzy pink flowers are but it sets off the colour of wine perfectly… it’s all about the finishing touches.

And if the eye candy isn’t enough, they do an amazing breakfast!

You really need to go! Go Now!


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…it must be you…

How adorable is this badge from The Literary Gift Company?

A week after my birthday and I’m still being spoiled rotten by lovely friends and family.

And anyone who hasn’t read a Haruki Murakami novel should start immediately. Weird, Japanese gorgeousness ft. talking cats, crazy sheepmen, ear models, rice balls, Second World War soldiers, Johnny Walker and fish rain…  Stunning.  Stunning.  Stunning.


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Mad About Hugh

I love love love a shiny(or matt) manicure… although I’ve got too many nail varnishes to be able to justify having my nails done professionally very often.   And what if the colour I’ve picked when I do decide to splurge doesn’t suit me?! Browsing forever is one thing, but when under pressure, with a nail technician waiting impatiently for you to pick a colour, how do you decide?  When in doubt, I think you should just plump for the best name…

These 3 by Essie are favourites for their names alone… and luckily the colours rock too.
Clam Bake

Bahama Mama

Tart Deco


Nails By Mail

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