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Is it just me, or does everyone want *stuff* all the time? Maybe I’m just a ridiculously greedy little git? Or maybe there’s just too much gorgeousness around.

Despite the fact that I can barely move for crap in my flat (I really need to start throwing out Olly’s bumf when he’s not looking. He really doesn’t need all those CDs. We don’t even have a CD player!!!!) these little gems caught my eye…

I can’t bear going into Graham&Green usually. I always end up haemorrahaging money on thing like coasters and door handles…(reminder: must attach them to the wardrobe). But a wee peep online can’t hurt can it? Yes it can. Because I really must own this lamp!! But who has £95 for a lamp in January… arg! Look at the butterflies! Look at the pineapple?!

Slighty cheaper, and slightly less useful is this Forbidden Fruit candle from DL & Co at Heals.

A bargain at £72(!).

I used to have a clear, pink plastic cocktail shaker which was pretty ugly now that I think about it but it did the job.   Then I forgot to wash it after a French Martini session so that ended up in the bin. Sadly, I’ve been cocktail-shaker-less ever since.  This Cellardine cocktail set is only £17 at Heals.

Who doesn’t want a bottle opener that looks like a parrot?

Alessi blue parrot corkscrew by Alessandro Mendini


And lastly who (who?! I must meet this person!) doesn’t want plastic drinks coolers that are shaped like ducks? I f*cking love ducks. I really do.

£5.50 from Heals.

Quack quack.

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Hello Kitty crazy

I’ve got a craving for Crème Caramel.  But only if it’s Hello Kitty shaped.

I got these moulds from a Crème Caramel kit that I bought  in Hong Kong. I definitely need to start making more Hello Kitty shaped food…

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I need to figure out a way to steal the hair off Blake Lively’s head…

Serena Van Der Woodsen… you’ll be the death of me one day.

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I need more fingers…

Or a bigger fridge.

Current favourites are:

Essie Smokin’ Hot (sludgy grey – sounds horrid but is great) and Cashmere Cardi (peachy brown – I’m rubbish at describing colours)

Nails Inc Shoreditch (hot pink) and St James’ Park (bright red)


OPI Midnight in Moscow (black red)

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It’s my birthday soon…

And yes, I know I don’t actually need any of this stuff. I’d just quite like it.  That’s what birthdays are for…right?!

Yay for yellow. I can pretend it’s summer in this sleeveless number. But I’ll need a cardi till about June because I’m always cold.

Dress by Pins and Needles, available at Urban Outfitters

These nude, platformed Louboutin’s would totally rock my wardrobe! I’d probably break my ankle on their first outing but who cares about plaster casts when you’ve got these?

Available from Net-A-Porter

Ok, I’m not sure what kind of fruitcake would want wallpaper as a birthday present, but this is THE paper that I’m getting for my bedroom. Even the BF likes it (well he doesn’t like it, but he’s agreed to it). Same diff.

Cole & Son

I’m not sure if you can have enough handbags.  This quilted and bowed number comes from River Island and is the perfect inbetweeny size to use as a day bag (as long as you don’t need to carry to much junk) or a good size night bag which has room to carry your flats when you’re wearing your bar shoes.

River Island

Mmm…. cherry red, embellished perspex cuff… with red apple charm… Mmmiu Miu.

Available from Net-A-Porter

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I really want a kitten!!!

I always said I’d get one as soon as I left home… and 10 years later, I’m still cat-less…!!!

Maybe I’ll just surprise Olly and bring one home?

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