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How can you not love make up that features a cartoon cow holding a machine gun?

And I really should have bought this cactus nail file but I didn’t.  I did once have pink hair though.

$5 from Sephora

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Thank god that bloody volcano piped down! Off for a jaunt to New York with Jacq for a long weekend.

Cue lots of shopping, eating, drinking and erm… spending(!)

Times Square from the back of a yellow cab.

Donaldson and Stam in Bryant Park. Sigh!


Back soon… x

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Tweet tweet

Apparently, yellow is so hot right now.

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I’d like these please.

I was gutted when Bonk broke my ear muffs last winter, although I think I might have found the perfect replacement… check these bad boys out!

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I have a bit of an addiction to taking pictures of food and drinks… not sure why.  The more colourful, the better.  Who could resist these?

Spotted in a bakery in Grand Central Station in New York

A birthday treat from lovely Jacq for my birthday (and mum’s too) from Magnolia in NY

‘Fashion Walk’ in Hong Kong

Spicy tuna rolls @ Taiyo Sushi in LA

Doesn’t this make you want to drink wine?

Nicolas on Haverstock Hill

Sadly the patisserie closed before I could buy one!!!

Les Halles, Paris

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Hair Scare

This photo is over a year old.  Why has my hair never looked this good again?

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Tigerlily Love

Now obviously I’m slightly biased, but I think Edinburgh is worth a visit at the best of times, especially if you pop into boutique hotel/restaurant/bar Tigerlily on George Street.

Filled with colourful fabrics, stunning chandeliers, potent cocktails and a hot pink staircase, this place is my essential go-to every time I’m home.

And as the winner of oodles of awards, I’m guessing a few people agree with me.

But don’t just take my word for it…

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Miu Me Too

Seeing as everyone else in the world is loving these,  I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon…

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Despite the fact that I have problems crossing roads, I think I want to get a bike.

I’ve already got my beady eye on a suitable bike accessory…

Accessorize: £9.00

And because I have a fear of getting run over, I’ll need a helmet… but why do they have to be hideous? Thank god for Bobbins Bicycles.

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