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After 3 years in the wine cupboard, I finally had a reason good enough to open the prettiest bottle of champagne ever. And it was definitely worth the wait.

But what to do with the bottle? Hand painted with Japanese anemones, designed by Emile Gallé, the creator of the Art Nouveau movement, in 1902, this is one bottle that’s not destined for the recycling bin.

Instead, filled with clear-corded fairy lights, it’s the perfect addition to the book shelf.

But perhaps I need another bottle so I can make bookends? I wonder if anyone would like to buy me more?

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It might be because it’s raining. It might be because I’m tired. It might be because I’m cold. It might be because it’s Sunday… but whatever the reason, sometimes a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is all I can think/be bothered to wear.

But what if I’m cold, tired, hungry AND want to go out without looking like a bag lady? Well they’re only one thing for it, and it’s statement jewellery.

Using couture embroidery, antique lace, vintage fabrics, and embellishing with Swarovski Crystals, Jan Knibbs has created a collection of one-off pieces that start from £65.

If one of these bib necklaces can’t pull your outfit out of the doldrums, then it’s best that you stay indoors.

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I’ve been gagging for a cat ever since I was about 5, when I befriended a chubby half-blind tabby that I named Big-Eyed Boris (RIP BEB!).  Unfortunately, for all animal loving kids everywhere, you can’t have pets if your mum hates animals. Especially cats.

Despite my declaration that I was “definitely getting a cat as soon as I moved out“, it’s taken my quite a long time to actually get round to fulfilling the promise. Flatmates, landlords and moving every few years don’t really bode well with pets.

So, hurrah for Three Small Apples HQ!! Not only do I have a place that I’m finally allowed to decorate (within reason… although compromise can be so boring!! What do you mean I can’t have everything my way all the time?!), but I’ve got a home (and garden) that I can offer to a little ball of fur. Or two.

Black and White Kitten, Celia Hammond Animal Trust, CHAT

Meet Har Gao.

Black and White Kitten, Celia Hammond Animal Trust, CHAT

And Siu Mai.

Two little chums, named after the most popular dumplings in Dim Sum, and adopted from Celia Hammond Animal Trust just yesterday!

As expected, I’m obsessed with them. Note to self: Don’t turn into a crazy cat lady.

Although I fear it might be too late…

And this super cute, gold-plated, kitty necklace from Little Nell is definitely not helping!

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What do you do when it’s too cold to leave the house, and you’re too poor to leave even if you could scrape together a few pence? You bake.

Butter, flour and sugar

This idiot proof Millionaire Shortbread recipe might not make you any richer, but it sure is tasty.

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If I can’t have these:

Miu Miu Gold glitter and black calf skin

Miu Miu (Swoon!)

Or these:

Pink and Gold miu miu shoe boots

Miu Miu (Need!!)

Can I have these?

Topshop gold and black glitter, like Miu Miu

Topshop £55

AND these?

Pink and silver glitter and leather miu miu

River Island £55

No? Eurgh, not fair… especially since Diane Kruger loves hers so much that she can’t keep her eyes open.

Pah! Who needs to open their eyes when they’ve got Miu Miu?

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Silly old me. This weekend, I finally got round to visiting a bar that I’ve been gagging to go to for yonks, but because I was positively light headed with hysteria (not because of the bar… I might be a Scot, but even I don’t get that excited over alcohol!) I forgot to take any pictures.  Bah!

So instead of a bar review, here is something else that might tickle your fancy:

Martha, Etsy, Crochette


Approx £27 from Etsy.

So cute that even Jeff Goldblum couldn’t complain.

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My freezer compartment has been filled with home-grown (I say home-grown, I didn’t actually grow them… they were already growing in the garden when I moved in!) blackberries (well, actually 49% blackberries and 51% frost and ice) since I moved in to Three Small Apples HQ almost 18 months ago. And since I’m probably not going to get around to thawing out the freezer anytime soon, I decided that it was probably quicker and easier to make blackberry and apple jam!

Blackberries, Ice, frozen, fresh frozen berries

Home grown berries. And home frozen ice.

Three Large Apples

Three BIG apples.

chopped apples, green apples

…gulp…(poor apples).

Sieve… Look how fast the spoon is moving!

Add a wee bit of sugar…

Actually, add body weight in sugar.


TA-DA!!! x 6

Now, to lounge around, eating jammy toast and feelin’ smug.

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The holidays are over, the decorations are down (my tree isn’t actually down, it’s staying up till next week as the council tree collection won’t pick up till the 12th.. bad luck? What bad luck?) and we’re all back to work. Depressed much?

This is the only thing that’s cheering me up right now.

Yankee Candle, Carrot cake, scented candle

Carrot cake without the calories. Mmmm… thanks Jacq! x

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