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Fancy dress fun.

2011… I might not have gotten over my hatred of gooey egg white, my phobia of spiders or my aversion to exercise, so what did I do instead? I dressed up!

Native American, cowboys and indians

A Scottish-Chinese-Native-American.


Since my favourite colour is pink (although I might prefer green these days), who else would I be at the Mad Hatters Tea Party but a flamingo?


I went to space once. That was pretty cool.

Dangermouse and Penfold



Pre Touche Eclat

And a gentrified country walk isn’t the same without a bottle of Bloody Mary and a Piñata…

How the hell am I going to entertain myself in 2012?

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Who could resist this after a little Christmas tipple or 2?


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Get the f**k out of bed…!

The sales have started…

Ochre floral printed dress from Oasis

Was £55, now £38

Pins&Needles red floral ruffle dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £2o

Embellished shift dress from Topshop

Was £165 now £80

Sparkle & Fade button though dress from Urban Outfitters

Was £55 now £25

Metallic shift dress from River Island

Was £28 now £15

Spotted pleated skater dress from Oasis.

Was £60 now £35

Gotta run… be right back!

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Uh-oh… the weather isn’t looking good for Christmas!!

It’s not that I want snow (a white Christmas isn’t as much fun as you think it’s going to be when they close the Forth Bridges and you find yourself stuck in Fife for 3 days solid…!!) but can it just not rain? I have enough problems trying work out a hairdo ft. bobble hat without having to factor in frizz.

Oh, and I don’t want soggy presents either…

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It’s probably because I’m addicted to anything that could be deemed ‘twee’, but I do love a home-made gift.

Anything hand knitted, home sewn or personally stewed gets a two thumbs up (or the modern, less geeky equivalent…) from me.

Home made mince meat, floral, kirstie alsopp, fruit

Viv’s home-made mince meat, complete with floral cloth lid (*love*), does look a bit better than my slightly charred Earl Grey tea loaf…

Now, can I use this in my own mince pies and still call them home-made? Or would I guilty of mince meat theft?

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Call it a little premature, but I’ve already cooked the first Christmas dinner of 2011, and it’s very likely to be the first of 4 this year.  I just can’t get enough of the little pigs in blankets!

And of course, every meal that includes mini sausages wrapped in bacon is usually accompanied by a lovely little present(or 3!) to open.

Long gone are the days where you bought everyone a £5 bath set from Boots (Charlie Red EDT and Body Spray gift pack, anyone?)…  Instead I was lucky enough to get these gorgeous goodies:

Tea Shed, Alessi Birdie Kettle

From Gaelle:

Designer tea from The Tea Shed.  With cute names such as “Rosie Lee” and “Baby, it’s cold outside”, my Alessi Birdie Kettle couldn’t be happier!

From The Countess (not to be confused with Jimmy Savile’s mum, who was The Dutchess):

A  bath set that combines two my favourite things, ditsy Liberty print and Hello Kitty (who just happens to weigh the same as three small apples…)

Hello Kitty tries her hand at “Where’s Wally”…

And lastly, a little something from H:

Because my hands need to eat too…

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