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One of the best press gifts I’ve been given is this solid silver rose ring from Treasurebox.

The ring consists of a circular bud centre with 2 layers of open petals on a thick 3/4 cm band. I love it and have worn it pretty much constantly since I received it (apart from the odd days in deepest, darkest winter as it doesn’t fit into a glove, and the stint when I’d almost snapped off a petal and had to have it repaired with a laser…)

The (laser) man at Metal Crumble not only fixed with base of the petal that almost smapped off, but he also attached all the petals to the centre bud to stop the petals from being able to bend backwards and therefore minimilising future damage.

I managed to cause a bit of a fuss on a flight to LA when I lost it down the back of my seat and then had the pilot make an announcement on the tannoy to have everyone have a little look on the floor for it. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone that I’d found it as I’d promised the air hostess that I really had checked around my seat properly before the announcement…

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a statement ring that goes with everything? It even goes with cake.

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At certain times of the year, it’s cheaper to go abroad than it is to get the train to Edinburgh… and quicker too… Five. Hour. Train. Journey.

But I can’t not go home in August.  August in Edinburgh means 2 things… a very slim hope of a sliver of sunshine and the Edinburgh Festival!  I ordered my festival catalogue as soon as it became available back in July and have been giving myself goggle eyes by trying to read every review written since this year’s festival kicked off 2 weeks ago to try and ensure that I don’t end up seeing any duds.  Phew, it’s actually quite hard work trying to plan an action packed 4 day trip which includes shows, friends, art, bars, family, music, food and night buses.

Still, that should give me time to fit in a few of my favourites:


The Outsider

Missoni bar

How can I smuggle out this Missoni chair?

The Forth Floor Bar

The Dome

It’s a shame that Jacq’s poster isn’t still on Multrees Walk… I quite liked being the sister of one of the faces of Edinburgh

Eurgh… rain. Definitely not one of my favourites, but it’s pretty much guaranteed in Scotland. Probably the reason I spend so much of my time at home in bars…?

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Badge Me Up

Without trying, I’ve managed to build up a collection of twee badges. I do try to not buy so much girlie crap but it doesn’t always work… some things are just too cute!!

Just some of the badges that have survived being constantly put in the washing machine.

How can you not love the ‘Lovely’ badge?  It was part of a Momji gift set given to me by Bonk and was my favourite thing in the box after the tiny little spoons! I’ll have to post a pic of the spoons one day…

I made this Pucca badge when I went through a bit of a badge making phase 4 years ago. I must have been bored. I managed to glue my fingers together about 10 times trying to stick on the little gems.

I tried not to be a complete tourist when in NY but I couldn’t not buy the I Heart NY badge.

Buttercup from Powerpuff girls.  Apparently she’s the toughest one of the three. I’d bloody love to be tough, but I’m the biggest wimp.  I do have black hair though, so I guess that makes us twins.

Hello Darling!

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I bloody love a quiff.  I’m a fan of the current nude palette and I love Mary Kate and Ashley too… Result:

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I’m loving the Ride2Work scheme right now (although not loving the use of the number 2 instead of the word “to”…).

I’ve got  my bike picked out and I’ve thought up my excuses for not actually riding it to work (please…! It’ll take more than an hour!!). I can’t wait.

I’m going for the Dawes Diploma for the, unsurprisingly, superficial reasons of shiny black paint, leather look handles and saddle and most importantly, it’s got a basket. Perfect for carrying cider, houmous and crusty bread to the park!

If I’m going to cycle, I’m going to need something to cycle in like this little floral playsuit from Asos.

No inadvertent pants showing over here.  And I love the tie strap shoulders and the ruffle neckline.

Add to the list these black ankle boots from Topshop. I’ve wanted them for a while, but thought I missed the boat as most high street shops have a high stock turn over.  These are still in the store… maybe it’s a sign?

Black leather with a shiny toe cap and a turn down ankle will go well with both summer dresses and bare legs as well as summer dresses (I don’t seem to have winter clothes. I just wear all of my summer clothes all at once) and woolly tights.

Now, who has a puppy I can borrow?

And how can I stop him from jumping out of the basket when I’m on the move?

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