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Fact:  There is so much more I should be doing right now, but I’ve only managed to do my nails.

Fact:  Shopping when you need to buy an item of clothing, but you’re not quite sure what, is totally rubbish.

Fact:  The above fact is made worse with the addition of rain.

Nails = Victoria Gate by Nails Inc.

Fact:  Nail varnish is so much harder to apply when it’s gone thick and gloopy.

Fact:  I’d like an early night tonight.


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The danger of popping to Boots on a lunch break:


I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish…


I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish… I will not buy any more nail varnish…*repeat continuously from 1pm to 2pm. Every day*.

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…you can’t really argue with religion can you?…

The oneluckywinner of the first ever threesmallapples giveaway is JoannabuddhaPowrie.

The giveaway goodies are on their way over to you now.

Tell Buddha I said Hi.

(Ps.  Sorry this is so late… food poisoning!)


Winning answer:

1) I am going to China and Korea next month where the main religion is Buddhism…therefore they worship Buddha…and the bag is named Buda…

2) The scarf matches perfectly a dress I recently bought…

3) The tights are Jonathan Aston, and I have not one, but two cousins called Jonathan…

Coincidence?! I think not! Me for winner! xx

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Noa Noa. It’s Polynesian for “harmony and simplicity” apparently. Or “fragrant, fragrant” depending on which website you’re on..

For me, it means a pale palate, whimsically feminine designs and delicate accessories.

For you, it means a giveaway…woop!


No 1:

Buda bag.

A satin, Marine-blue, frame bag, with diamante detail clasp, Rose-pink lining and an interior pocket.

The strap is removable, turning the bag into a clutch.



H: 20cm.

No 2:

Laelia scarf.

White lace scarf, with ivory floral embroidiery detail and trim.

Length: 120cm

No 3:

Ice blue, tights with pattern detail by Jonathan Aston.

Size: medium


So, fancy winning threefabgoodies?  Just leave onesmallcomment on threesmallapples. It’s as simple as that.

The winner will be picked on Monday.

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I was a bit of a late starter when it came to smart phones.  Stuck in a 2 year contract with an infuriating Sony Ericsson W890i (Arg, I get the rage just thinking about that bloody phone switching itself off all the time!!! And when I called O2 to play that pretend ‘I might leave unless you give me an Iphone’ game, they didn’t bat an eyelid..!!!)  Anyway, so now I’ve got a phone that I can check Facebook on (v. important), has Google maps (v. handy) and let’s me tweet from bed (v. addictive).  One of those sleepy tweet chats resulted in a rant about R Kelly and the exhanging nail varnish pictures… and so this guest post was born.

Introducing a fellow nail obsessive, who’s also partial to a manicure colour tweet: Sabrina from The Science of Style.


So when weeding through my nail polish collection, I kind of cheated. I have my top 5 and an honourable mention (but it’s not technically a colour..)

I’ve never had buyers remorse with my polishes. They’re cheaper, last longer, and infinitely more fun then buying a new dress. I’ve only had it once.. and I swiftly remedied that by foisting it onto someone else and calling it a giveaway.

My love with nail polish started late, I was bored, at uni, swayed by the bright pink of a friend’s polish, borrowed it, and the rest is history. Painting my nails is always a little me-time in a frantic world of deadlines and working odd hours. Also I can watch TV whilst doing it so that’s always a plus. Oh and the pretty colours! When I do my nails well, I can’t stop looking at them. I never go without giving myself a new paint job every week. Even though I rarely brush my hair and often go out without make-up on – my nails always look fly. Even though in this pictures there’s polish all over my cuticles.

Without further ado, here’s my top 5 (and an honourable mention…)


Sephora by OPI “Mr Right Now”

I have never understood why Sephora isn’t popular in the UK. Whenever I go to NY I literally gorge myself on beauty products and have to be dragged away with Nars shaped holes in my wallet. I’m not that keen on OPI itself since it chips a lot, but Sephora by OPI is a much better formulation, and slightly more expensive so that may explain why. “Mr Right Now” is a beautiful deep cherry gloss, which doesn’t chip easily, and is my go-to polish when I need be all BITCH PLEASE. Power nails. I love it so much I have two bottles, since I don’t know if it’ll ever be available here, or discontinued so my sister patiently went on a hunt and got the last bottle she could find (it’s popular).


Barry M Bright Pink

I’m not that much of a pink girly girl. I’m more a cool greens, blues and pseudo preppy type. Mainly because it’s easy and comfortable. But this Barbie pink crème is the best £2.95 I ever did spend. It’s cheery,  pretty, and always brightens my day. Barry M nail paints tend to get a bit thick and hard to use mid-way through the bottle – but a drop of acetone free nail polish remover helps. And a vigorous shake. To some Beyonce.


Illamasqua Strike

The closest I seen to a dupe for this was one by GOSH, and I wouldn’t buy it even though it’s much cheaper. This was the most I ever paid for a nail polish, but with no regrets whatsoever. It wears ridiculously well, is a beautiful sea green metallic with hints of blue and just makes my nails look (and my hands) very enviable.


Essie Sole Mate

Part 1 of my Essie adoration. I only heard of them after getting $6 manis in Brooklyn a few years back, and finding out that every drug store sells them made me an instant fan. Sometimes the colour doesn’t go on so well, and is streaky which I find with the lighter shades of Essie. I’m also a fan of dark polishes, I feel they add a touch of elegance to whatever ensemble I’m wearing and it’s extremely glossy without topcoat. With topcoat it’s so shiny I can almost see my reflection in it. I got told guys don’t like dark nail polish. I responded that I couldn’t care less.


Essie Blue Aruba

I saw this in a magazine on the plane and I HAD TO HAVE IT. I’ve been searching for a metallic blue for ages. I was a little worried about the Essie lack of pigmentation, but since it’s dark two coats goes on nicely. Three would make it more intense. It always pops nicely with my tan. And they don’t sell it in the UK yet. Ha!


Sephora by Opi “Only Gold For Me” Top Coat (Honourable Mention)

I had a love-hate relationship with glitter nail polishes. Micro glitter is fine. Ones with big chunks of it, not so much. When I was a teenager I had a starry glitter polish from Claire’s. Never again, left my nails looking dull, and feeling rough. This top coat isn’t like that AT ALL. Even though it has huge bits of glitter in it, they settle nicely and form a smooth patina on the nail. I usually layer it over a dark polish when it’s the festive season, or when I just feel sparkly. It’s mega tough too, so your polish doesn’t chip. Only issue is that the glitter does get stuck to the nail and can take quite a bit of vigorous rubbing with remover to get off. I’m sure Yvonne won’t mind me sticking an extra cheeky one in if I let her borrow it…

*** Sabrina “The Science of Style” Bangladesh is a journalist, accidental stylist and all around creative bird ***

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Whoops, sorry… wrong Oasis.

Is it just me or has Oasis always been this expensive? I used to love Oasis when I was a student (and curiously, I had so much more money to waste as a student than I do now.  And I did much less work (course work and paid work) back then too…

But after an Oasis hiatus (try saying it quickly 3 times…) because their collections got a bit too prim and dull, they’re back in the game with cute prints, colourful florals and puffy prom dresses. But it seems their prices have shot up a bit too, and now I have to play that annoying game of actually considering purchases before making them… Am I going to wear it much? Is it worth it? Do I really like it, or just quite like it? (generally the kind of thoughts that you never make in Primark despite completely wasting a ton of money a year in there…).

So here are a few things that I’m currently eyeing up and contemplating:

Cream tunic with antique style lace detailing


I do really like this, but I’m looking for a dress or 2 for some upcoming summer weddings, and the colour of the dress means I’d definitely have to wear tights, so perhaps it’s not so suitable..? (These are the tedious thoughts I’m forced to have when a high street shop moves into a slightly higher price bracket…)

Printed prom dress


Good shape, nice waist, but are the shoulder straps a bit too thick?

Geranium print dress


I love the colours on this dress, and it’s also got a great full skirt, but it’s cut very generously meaning that the fit was awful. It doesn’t come in a smaller size meaning I’d have to have it taken in, and I’m not convinced that I love it enough to pay for alterations on top of the price.

Oriental print dress


Fab, demure neckline and I’m always a fan of pinky peachy colours but is the double bow at the neck and the waist a bit too twee? Don’t really think I want to turn up to a wedding looking like Charlotte from SATC… or worse, Charlotte’s ex mother in law Bunny McDougal.

Bird print cardi


Obviously not a wedding outfit contender, but being an exercise dodger, and therefore the owner of bad circulation, I’m always cold and therefore love a cardigan (I’m such a gran…(!)). I’ve got a stack of cardigans in all shapes, sizes and colours.  Should I pay £40 for another cardigan to add to the collection? Or should I just do a bit more exercise?

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Oh Oliver Bonas, you are trouble! Not content by simply stocking an amazing selection of home ware, kitsch clothing and jewellery, but you’re actually affordable too!

Who isn’t tempted to fill their homes with such aesthetic eye candy, such as an assortment of bright tumblers, etched with cherry blossoms or vintage style floral crockery by Pip Studios?

Oliver Bonas is also perfect if you’re after more frivolous gifty items, such as Damien Hirst style glass skull salt and pepper shakers, the perfect addition to any dinner table, or an Eiffel Tower toast stamp.

Feel like you gave them a tiny little piece of Paris, without having to break the bank…

Fashion at Oliver Bonas runs in the same cutesy vein as home ware, with a heart warming selection of tea dresses, floral prints, fitted jackets and slouchy knits, and carrying beautiful brands such as Vera Moda and the wonderfully whimsical Emily and Fin.

And if all that isn’t enough to tempt you into one of their stores nationwide (or online while pretending to work at your desk… ahem!) they also currently have a half price sale!

Come on now, no pushing. Form an orderly queue…

***This post was originally written for Cellardoor***

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FACT: I’m a fan of a well manicured hand.

FACT: I spend too much time/money on nail varnish.

FACT: I can’t help but procrastinate.

And then *thud*, it struck me…why not put all that time wasting and nail painting to good use by taking a wee picture of the newly painted paw for the Threesmallapples Manicure Diaries.

So here you are.

Part 1: Pembroke Close by Nails Inc

FACT:  The postcode for Pembroke Close is SW1X.

FACT: I hate anyone that eats cheese flavoured puff crisps and then licks the cheese dust from their fingers.

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Every once in a while you’ll see something and it’ll make you think of a time, a place or a friend.

I’m loving how an adorable chum saw this Hello Kitty Pez dispenser and knew that she had to buy it for me.  (The Toy Story dino was for Olly… a nod to his dinosaur/crocodile suit at my Jurassic Park birthday party…)


I am such a child, and obviously not growing up in the eyes of my friends any time soon… *yay*


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