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Don’t you find that things are always better when they’re done for you? Dinner tastes nicer when it’s cooked in a restaurant, wine is better when it’s served in a pub (or when Olly brings me a glass), bags feel lighter when someone else is carrying them (again, thanks Olly!) and my nails looked better when they were done by Emily!

Emily, of Emily’s Nail Files (or snail files? I might start some snail files…anyway..!), is a nail artist and blogger extraordinaire whose stunning designs caught the eye of the dudettes at Cadbury’s and before she knew it, she was being whizzed to London by the Cadbury’s Bunny to decorate the digits of this newly unretired hand model.

One day, 3 nail art designs… phew! It was tough going but Three Small Apples soldiered through like a trooper and was rewarded with not only the fanciest nails I’ve ever had (and the most complimented too. Not just by girls either, random BOYS asked about them!), but my paws (and chops!!) slapped on a number of easy peasy (well almost easy peasy) step-by-step nail guides:

Cadbury's caramel. Nail Art. Wah style nails


Cadbury's caramel. Nail Art. Wah style nails

Strikin’ a pose.

Cadbury's caramel. Nail Art. Wah style nails

I’m obviously hard at work in this shot.

Cadbury's caramel. Nail Art. Wah nails

Probably looking a bit grumpy because my nails were too wet to eat chocolate with.

Cadbury's caramel. Nail Art. Wah style nails

These were my awesome weekend party nails!

Cadbury's caramel. Nail Art. Wah style nails


Three Small Apples has been trying to recreate this look with varying degrees of success. Chocolate consumption has required less practise.

What do you think? Tempted to give nail art a try?

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Eek, haven’t posted in over a week. Been a busy bee.

Perhaps this might make it better?

Bee in Pittencrief Park

This wee dude was spotted on a pollen mission in Pittencrief Park (known to the locals as “The Glen”).  It’s funny how you don’t notice how beautiful your home town is until you leave.

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And finally:


Korean Tea at Kims Mini Meals.


Jewellery delights.


Weirdness at the Camera Obscura


Camera Obscura - Head On A Plate

The End.

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The Bru.


Edinburgh Castle


Sunshine! (For about 10 minutes).








More cows.



Loch Ness monster (hat)


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Has consisted of:

Reading material.




Travelling companion.




Rain (of course!).




Scottish street names.


Dinner @ The Dogs.




Nom nom woof nom.


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Fifteen degrees centigrade and 60 percent chance of shattered showers? Summer time in Edinburgh of course! No wonder I moved to London.

But despite the rain, I’m off home for 5 days for some Edinburgh festival fun and I can’t wait! New comedy, theatre and art, not to mention drinks with friends, Chippy sauce and my beloved Tigerlily… a bit of rain isn’t going to spoil that!

But I do have a bit of a dilemma… What to pack!! Unfortunately Olly is leaving 2 days before me (there’s only so much of that ‘the taste of beef crisps smell‘ he can take) which means separate luggage bags and no hope of hired (but unpaid) muscle to help me get up the Waverly Steps.  Packing for a little trip home might sound easy peasy, but when it’s Edinburgh, it’s really not.

I’m going to need:

Shoes that are comfortable enough to walk in for most of the day, but attractive enough to wear for dinner and drinks. Oh and can cope with cobbles. Negative.

Some kind of lightweight knitwear that is both small enough to stash in a bag during a sudden and short-lived burst of sunshine but warm enough to be of some use when I suddenly find myself in a wind tunnel or get caught in gust of coastal wind. Negative.

Proof that the sun does exist in Scotland

A jacket that is smart but informal, warm but not too warm (it is August), cute but not so cute that Jacq has bought it too. Negative.

A selection of dresses that will take me from an early breakfast, to a lunch time theatre show, to a walking tour in the Auld Toun, to drinks on the Forth Floor (I wonder if the Three Small Apples is making a festival appearance?) to dinner somewhere cosy, to (more) drinks in the outdoor Spiegeltent, to a late night stand up show (Not to self: don’t sit too near the front…!!) and finally, to the night bus home.  Negative.

Three x Three Small Apples

So I guess I’ll do what I always do which is pack a range of slightly too summery dresses that won’t provide any warmth and blow up with I least expect it, to be paired with a trusty cardigan, an impractically pocket-less denim jacket, shoes will last most of the day but might make me cranky later on in the evening…and my huge, can’t-live-without-it scarf.

Dress + Cardigan + Scarf = prepared for Scotland.

Oh, and an umbrella. Perfect!

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***A Manicure Diaries Special***

Q: Do you fancy hand modelling for Cadbury’s?

A: Yes.

So I did.

Here’s a wee sneak preview.

Three Small Apples flexes the elbow grease.

Dear Anthea: ” Did you ever know that you’re my hero and everything I would like to be….”

Who doesn’t hold a chocolate bar with 2 hands these days?

More chocolate, pictures, nails and nail art to follow… nom nom nom.

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The End.

Ps.  By Miu Miu £400.

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Paperchase love

Dear Paperchase


Can you please stop being so cute as I fear that I’m a bit too old for you.  And there is only so many lunch boxes a girl can have:

Although I could use a water bottle…

And a cute wee tumbler…

And you can never have too many notebooks (can you?)

Arg, dammit! I do need this lunch box!


Yours sobbingly


Three Small Apples


Ps. Does this happen to everyone who walks into Paperchase? Or is it just me?

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