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Oops I did it again…

I don’t really understand people who shop for fun.  I get no enjoyment from trawling round shops in desperate need of an item that I have in my head which probably doesn’t exist in real life. And I’m currently in complete denial about the fact I need a new winter coat and therefore am avoiding ‘winter-coat-shopping’ like the plague…

All of my clothes seem to be purchased while I’m (usually late and in a rush) on my way to do something other than shopping for clothes.  This week was a good week for accidental top-shopping.

Specimen 1:

Grey wool and Angora jumper with featuring hot air balloon (of love) and sequinned heart.

Bought from Dorothy Perkins last Sunday while on my way to Sainsburys for the weekly shop. Worn on Friday to work.


Specimen 2

Lace shouldered t shirt from Oasis.

Bought while en route to meet Welsh Helen (check out her fashion label Helen Rhiannon) for wine and catch up on Thursday.  Worn for unplanned but massively drunken Stoke Newington pub crawl with Zeba on Friday.


Specimen 3

Cream swing top with zip frill neckine.

Bought from Topshop after meeting with Olly to retrieve my house keys on Friday

Worn to Doug and Ruth’s leaving party at the Grey Goose on Saturday.


I usually buy clothes with the frugal (Scottish) intention of returning them.  Too late for these 3… All worn within a week. Must avoid all shops/people/places for a fortnight in penance.


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Thank God for wine!

No real time to post last week, because this has been the state of my bathroom for the past few days…I know it looks like a scene from Saw but I’m actually having it refitted.


Olly appears crazed but is actually incredibly handy…!

ARG, the last thing you want when you go to make a cup of tea is the bloody cereal all over the ground!!!

Wine is pretty much the only remedy.

Hopefully it’ll be sorted before the end of the week and I can return to much more frivolous and asthetically pleasing posts soon…

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Bankruptcy calls…

Oh hello ASOS sale!






One minute, I’m minding my own business watching Hugh on River Cottage Every Day, and then next I have to seriously consider hiding/cancelling/destroying my credit card…the dangers of online shopping.

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Statement jewellery is a fun way to embellish an outfit without making a huge commitment to a trend.

This season, it’s all about animals… especially owls.

Diamante Owl ring from Accessorize.

A really great chunky ring, which has a nice weighty look without a heavy feel.

From ASOS, this stone embellishedring  flying pig ring on a chunky gold tone band is a bit of a favourite.

Another owl, this time from Urban Outfitter. Set simply in plastic, it is available in 3 different colours.

I’m not sure if I love this ring from River Island, or I’m terrified by it. Is is a puppy or a horrid hound?

Here’s another scary one.  Maybe the word I’m looking for is ‘fierce’?

Species by the Thousand @ Urban Outfitters.

And lastly. It’s not a ring, but it’s still an owl.


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Rain, rain go away…

No seriously. F*ck off.  You’re making my hair curl and I don’t own a single pair of waterproof shoes.

But if it must rain, this umbrella will make it slightly better:

OMG I need it!

I have one mushroom umbrella already, but it’s just clear with a black rim. Bo-ring. This birdcage umbrella from Lulu Guinness is so much better than that, but can I really justify buying yet another umbrella that is ultimately destined to be left on the tube?

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Zac Posen

How much do you want these jackets from Zac Posen’s S/S11 collection?

Rough wool, frilly cuffs, enhanced shoulders and a nipped waist. They’re the perfect thing to throw over a little evening dress on warm you up (slightly… they’re not exactly winter coats) on a chilly night out, or dressed down with jeans and pumps.

Wearing a top is optional.

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