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Uh-oh… decision time…

River Island £44.99

I love the subtle orange, grey and blue stripes and the huge waist bow, but I’m not completely convinced that this kind of subtle, tanned (tango tan) orange will go with my skin tone?


Yellow is always a firm favourite in my wardrobe, but I already have 4 yellow dresses. Do I really need another?


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A few things that have been grinding my gears this week:

1.  Having to carrying a 5ltr tin of white emulsion on a really hot day

2.  Working in an office that has minimal natural day light and is overly air    conditioned (it’s 31degrees outside… why do I need to wear tights?!!)

3. The holiday blues

 Nails – Smoking Hot by Essie

4.  Having to sit near the world’s noisiest eater, who also has the most annoying breathing technique (how can you irritate people by breathing?!) and whose phone keeps beeping a reminder despite the fact that they’ve gone and disappeared? (I bet they’re trying to wind me up on purpose…)



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Umm… am I the only one who isn’t surprised that these things are in the sale? (What, you mean they didn’t sell out instantly?!  I *wonder* why…).

Topshop £15

These represent all of the reasons why I don’t shop in the sales.  It’s not because I’ve got lots of money to throw around (ooooh, how I WISH I did…). It’s because I can’t deal with the idea of getting caught in a scrum at the doors of Topshop Oxford Circus only to find that these things are the only shoes left in my size.  I’d have to start one of those saloon bar fights where someone punches someone else, and the next thing you know, EVERYONE is brawling… and then I’d sneak out of the door.

Ps. They come in camel too. And no, they’re not any better.

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Buy shoes that are ever so slightly too small, in the naïve hope that they’ll stretch.

Shoes by Dune.

Buy shoes with a 3 inch heel, or higher (although obviously these are the most attractive kind).

Shoes by River Island.  Dwarf Fence by Olly.

Decide to wear high heels on a long day out.

Shoes by Oasis.

Attempt to walk anywhere at all in anything other than flats.

Shoes by Office.

*PS. Yes I’m aware that the shoes-on-foot shots look a bit like they might belong to some kind of corpse. But I have puny ankles. And I couldn’t bear taking any more pictures of my own feet.*

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“Out of stock”… ARG!

Why is this out of stock?

£22.50 from Graham and Green

And why won’t it let me sign up so I can find out when they’re back in stock? I’ll take any colour, I’m not going to be fussy.

Eurgh. I need it.

Might have to kill myself.

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(This post has nothing to do with Maw Broon. Or Paw Broon. Or Hen Broon. Or any of the others. Including the Bairn).


I hate to say it but I appear to be totally addicted to Geordie Shore!

Maybe it’s because I grew up not too far from Newcastle (ok, Edinburgh is quite far from Newcastle…) so I feel an affinity?

But despite a love for Tweedy, PJ, paint balling (joke. I’d never go paint balling… Too scared of getting PJ-ed, obviously) and hair backcombing, the thing I don’t get (no, not the accent, I totally understand it. And they subtitle the incomprehensible parts on MTV anyway) is the tan. I can get on board with false eyelashes, lots of eyeliner and painted nails, but I’ve never been a tan fan. I prefer the pale and interesting look, even if I’m the only one who finds it interesting.

And despite having a pale olive skin tone, I love a bit of Factor 50 on holiday. But even with the Factor 50 and sheltering in the shade, I still burn every year. What’s with that?! Maybe it’s because of the distinct lack of sunshine growing up in Scotland?

Last year, I was kept awake in a haunted house (not that any ghosts were actually spotted… but that didn’t matter. I spent the whole holiday ter-rif-ied ) trying not to scratch the sunburn. Or go to the toilet. Or open my eyes. Incase. I. Saw. The. Ghost.

Not this year. This year, I’m packing a hat, a stack of maxi’s and this little beauty: 

 £21.95 from Amazon

No sun burn for me. And hopefully no ghosts either, but I’m not sure a parasol will help if there are.

Now, let’s hope it turns up in time for Monday. Or else.

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Fact: I recently cut my finger on a thorn while gardening (and I was wearing gloves), ended up with an infection and had to take antibiotics for 3 weeks!

Fact: No sign of a fairytale prince either.

Nails = Merino Cool by Essie.  Evidence of said infection can be seen on the right hand side of the nail on my ring finger (see it?) 

Fact: Despite pruning the rose and bramble bushes to within an inch of their lives, both have recovered impressively (the bramble is approximately 2 ft high again!)

Fact: I am significantly weaker than a garden plant.

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It’s not that I don’t like children, and it’s not like they don’t like me (why are they always staring at me?)… it’s just that I haven’t quite got the knack for entertaining them. Or the strength to lift them. Or the stomach to look at the saliva that’s usually dribbling out of them.

Something that I do apparently have a knack for (and I say apparently, as this is only my first attempt… perhaps it’s beginners luck?) is basil growing. It wasn’t so long ago that this wee guy was a mere seed!! And now look at it… leaves all over the place, over 2 inches tall, it even has a slightly basily smell.


Wee Basil has to stay in the pot for a little while longer, but I’m going to be so proud when it’s eventually planted outside into the herb box. I might even shed a proud tear…

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I’ve never really thought too much about it, but I’m not really a sock wearer.

As someone who’s wardrobe consists of dresses (and I really wish it didn’t! I want to have more separates, but I never seem to ever want to buy them), I’m a firm fan of tights… or a smidge (not too much… want to look healthy but not tanned) of Johnson’s Holiday Skin lotion.

But a recent trip to Tabio might just change my mind on the sock issue.

Colours and florals and gingham…oh my!

Something for the boys…

Magpie fever kicks in as usual… I spent too much time hanging around the sparkly socks.

Not actually sure what these things are?  Sparkly socks for babies? No, they’re actually sparkly sockettes, for wearing… with sandals? With ballet pumps? I was told, and can’t quite remember, but they’re not for babies anyway.

And Tabio doesn’t just stop at socks. Or tights. Or leggings… they also have quirky little extras such as… (once again, have no idea what they are called.. I’m so behind in lower leg fashion…) ankle bows. These little things slip over a foot and are worn around your ankle to add a little extra special touch to socks, tights and legs.

So after a meander around Tabio, checking out a sock or two, I ended up with some socky goodies. No, not the fluffy ankle bow but a pair of stirrup tights, and not one but two pairs of ankle socks.  Now I just have to buy something to wear them with.  And I to think I hadn’t really considered socks at all…

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