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That’s “food” in Japanese.

And if you were thinking that Japanese food is all sushi and miso? You’d be wrong.

Japanese food

I admit that I’ll eat most things, but I won’t eat that…

Matcha kitkat

Snacking on the Shinkasen…  Matcha Kit Kat bites and Kirin, in a limited edition Sakura can.

The tastiest grilled chicken ever.

Wasp larvae. And yes, I ate them all.

The gyoza at Anzucco was worth the 45 minutes spent in the pouring rain, trying to find the restaurant.

Red Snapper. It’s a pretty big fish.

Sesame Whitebait. They’re pretty wee fish. And they were for breakfast!

The most kawaii buns in the world!


The end of our last drinks in Japan… 愛

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In a not completely un-granny-ish move, I appear to have developed a fondness for tea. Not herbal tea, which fills my cupboard and makes ‘”do you want a cup of tea?” a question that needs a few serious moment’s contemplation before I can answer. Or Matcha tea, which might initially taste a bit ‘pond-y’ but is a brilliant green colour and a bit addictive. But normal tea. Builder’s tea. With milk. And one sugar.

Tea drinking isn’t something that I do very quickly. One of the reasons I drink herbal tea so much is that it’s still drinkable when it’s cold. No cloudy milk skin floating around grossing everyone out.  Drinking Builder’s tea means drinking from a small cup, and brewing a small cup of tea, with a normal sized tea bag feels a bit stupid.

So, with that in mind, it was time to find a teapot…! I had to discount the obvious floral numbers, because Mr Threesmallapples refused to let them in the house, so was feeling full of teapot-induced gloom, when a bike ride and a trip to the Tate uncovered this little beauty!

The Stump teapot by Forlife, available in 9 colours, and holds 3 cups of tea. Perfect for a bit of lazy Sunday tea drinking. Now all I need to find is a milk jug.

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Last week’s civilised dinner party turned into a rather drunken affair, with 6 bottles of wine being consumed by 6 diners… Not quite sure how I felt so clear-headed the next day… it might have been down to Olly’s slow cooked rabbit with cream and tarragon (not a very helpful menu choice when I’m trying to be a bit more veggie, but very tasty!), or perhaps my slightly crumpled looking pear Tarte Tatin?

Unfortunately, no pictures exist of either dish (damn wine!) but luckily my roses, a gift for the hostess, lasted a bit longer than the food.

They definitely made the washing up much less painful!

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Two Cake Sunday

For some unknown reason, I had an urge to make a plum and almond loaf cake. I don’t even really like plums, but I liked the idea of it.  Ignoring the cookbooks (not actually true, I flicked though a few of them and couldn’t find what I wanted), I did a bit of googling and found a blog recipe that seemed simple and idiot proof.

Unfortunately, it was a total disaster. I followed the bloody recipe step for step, but the result was a flat layer of slightly mushy, pink sponge. It tasted alright but it looked like something from a cakey nightmare.  I have to admit that I wasn’t totally surprised when it came out of the oven looking like a cake crash, as the quantities of ingredients used were a bit odd. How could a cake have 8 plums but only 35g of flour?!  And I couldn’t  actually fit all 8 plums in the loaf tin, so I probably only used 5. Pah! That blog can consider itself blacklisted.

Not to be deterred (actually, I was totally deterred but I still had about 3 plums worth of plum pieces left) I decided to try again, and this time I improvised:

150g butter

150g caster sugar

2 eggs

70g plain flour

1.5 tsp baking powder

100g powdered almonds

A squirt of almond essence

a handful of flaked almonds

3(ish) sliced plums)


25g butter

40g light brown sugar

I mixed the butter and sugar together till it was pale and a bit frothy, chucked in 2 eggs and once that was all mixed together, I folded in the flour, baking powder, almonds and almond essence.

While that’s all going on, melt the butter for the topping in a sauce pan, add the sugar and mix it over the heat for a couple of minutes.

Put the topping in the bottom of the loaf tin, place the sliced plums over it, and then add the cake mix on top.

Bake the whole thing on 180 degrees for about 45 minutes, and ta-da! Some kind of Plum and Almond Upside Down cake.

I was so pleased with the result, that I’ve eaten about a quarter of the thing already!

And like all cakes, it goes very well with tea.

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Getting married is quite fun:

What a jolly good day.

All photos by Rachel “Countessian” Carr, and Alexander Newton.

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A rainy Saturday is made that bit better with a cup of tea and Rose and Lychee marshmallows from Zukr Boutique.

Being served on the side of my favourite V&A tea cup, not only looks pretty, but stops me from eating more than 2 in one go… (ok, that’s a lie. But they do look pretty..).

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I might have pruned it to the root (and ended on antibiotics in the process!!) but the ThreeSmallApples bramble is BACK and stronger than ever!

Come winter time? It’s going to be jam time!

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The name’s Bru.

Irn Bru.

And it’s the drink of champions.

Irn Bru. Scottish. Scotland. Girders.

Look at that colour!

If this doesn’t cure your hangover, you might have to give up.

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Despite Stylist‘s Nigella cover (yes Nigella, we know you like food. Stop thinking you’re the only one. And I hope that caramel was  bugger to get out of your eyelashes) giving me rage, when I saw Domestic Sluttery‘s sea salted caramel sauce recipe, I just had to give it a try.

Sea salted caramel sauce,  home made

The result? So good that I had to cover the left overs with washing up liquid to stop me eating it with a spoon. I’m sure Nigella would be proud.

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(Not Rachel) Khoo-king

I don’t recommend trying to cook while watching Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen… not only are your ingredients bound to be wrong but you won’t have that cute blue casserole dish either.

Pepper, feta beetroot, rocket

Having said that, this was dinner last night while I watched The Little Paris Kitchen on iPlayer. The recipe came from a genuine Frenchie, which definitely helped. And I wore some polka dots too.

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