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Homely comforts…

Or not.

Having a few renovations done at Threesmallapples HQ so please excuse me if I disappear for the next couple of weeks. I’m trying to fight a cloud of dust and cope with the fact that everything I own is currently squeezed into the bedroom.

Also, packing takes a little longer when you’ve got (laser) cats…

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With wedding prep being forced to take priority (you’d hope so, since it’s less than 6 weeks away…!)  I feel like I haven’t had a spare moment lately.

But obviously I must have had, as this little collection of pictures prove.

Oh, and I’ve also been glued to the Olympics. Perhaps I shouldn’t have avoided PE in school…

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A less Owly cat

Six months in and it looks like Siu Mai (otherwise known as Owl Cat) is finally starting to trust us.

I know it might not look like it, but me and the Owl are “cool”.  She’s even been known to have a little purr these days.

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Apart from the one minute when I was in the garden, this weekend has been spent cutting, folding, glueing and sticking the most complicated wedding invites in the world.

Luckily, it was a pretty good minute…

Pink, flowers, gardening

Kitten, cat, black and white cat, Celia Hammond

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Since getting a kitten that looks a bit like an owl, it suddenly appears that owls are everywhere!

These guys were papped hanging out at the gift shop on a recent visit to the V&A. With their gold ‘feathers’ and red beaks, they’re almost as glamorous as the Ballgowns exhibit.

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“So what did you think of the new Murakami?”

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Homework, exams, PE (PE!! Whose idea was that?!), those are a few reasons that I’m glad I’m not still at school. But the 6 week summer holiday? I’d happily take that back. Even if I did spend many a summer holiday waiting for it to stop raining (you don’t get summer in Scotland. You get Raining and Not Raining).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could still get 6 weeks off once you’d left school?  Yes, yes it would.

Well unfortunately you can’t, but the 9 days I’ve got off between after my old job and starting my next is pretty damn exciting. In fact, it’ll probably feel better than school holidays, because I won’t have spent my pittance pocket money on Hubba Bubba and will be able to afford to entertain myself.

But what to do?! The longest, uninterrupted time off I’ve had recently was Christmas, and what with panicked, last minute Christmas shopping, pickling livers, visiting family and constant eating, it didn’t leave much time to relax.

With 9 full days off in London, I want to make sure I use my time wisely, so I made a list:

** Get my hair done: it’s time for my yearly hair cut (my hair cut routine usually goes as follows: get bored of hair so cut it short(er). Hate short(er hair) so grow hair.) and this time I’m getting a Brazilian Blow Dry! Shinier, smoother, easier to manage hair? Might just die of excitement.

** Replant dead window box: someone needs to encourage the bees in London!

**Play with(or bother) kittens: I don’t want to do this, but it just can’t help myself. I fear I’m going to lose 90% of my time off with this.

Kittens, Celia Hammond

Kittens, Celia Hammond

Har Gao is such an attention seeker that she’ll roll over at the first sign of a tickle.

Celia Hammond, Kittens

Siu Mai won’t.

**Wedding planning: Erm… it’s less than 6 months away. Sh*t.

**Update wardrobe: It’s time for a serious overhaul. These are some things have already been added :

Eva by Topshop £32

Little floral Tee from Oasis. £20 reduced from £38 (who pays £38 for a t shirt?! Hello?)

Such a bargain that I bought both colours.

A summery little number from H&M, which has the added bonus of not weighing a ton even when filled with crap. £15.

And don’t get my started with that bloody My So Called Life box set that I bought impulsively on Amazon a year ago. I don’t think I’m ever going to have time for that.

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I lasted about 5 minutes watching Crufts before I got bored, and that was with only 50% of my attention capacity.  But I’ve never been a dog person so I can’t be expected to understand the appeal of a Lhasa Apso or why Elizabeth was the best out of all of the mutts.

Instead, I’m a cat person. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve always loved them.

If there was a catty equivalent of Crufts (ok, there is. It’s called The Supreme Show (and I would secretly like to enter my moggies…)) I’d get the feeling that Har Gao quite fancies herself for Best in Show.

She’s already perfected the “dreamily looking into the distance” pose.

And she’s working on Magnum.

Thankfully Siu Mai is slightly less of a show off,  otherwise I think I’d have a bit of a cat fight on my hands.

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